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  1. Oh how weird these are very similar to my predictions, almost down to the tee with no team winning 100 games this season.

  2. They’re giving all of us who are still waiting for Chris and Jill blue balls at this point.

  3. I'll have you know that I have used the words "Jill" and "blue balls" in the same sentence, too, my man. 😸

  4. Do yourself a solid. Go to your local comic book store, and get your hands on all sorts of Wally West Flash comics.

  5. What's-his-face when he gets pulled through the hole.

  6. I'll go find Cluck so that he can give you a roadmap of where his chickies are. πŸ” Be right back! πŸƒ ☁

  7. I really like that Barrett skin! 😺 πŸ‡

  8. I do agree that Ashrah should be on the main roster.

  9. The DAILY and WEEKLY challenges aren't giving SCORE when done. Fix your crap Bethesda!! 😑😾

  10. I'm having the same issue. No SCORE increase when I did 1 Daily and 1 Weekly today.

  11. Cool man. I have both Polar Peely and Agent Peely. Armadillo, Fennix, Abstrakt, Airheart, Blanka, and Agent Peely are some of my favorite skins to use! 😸

  12. I like her Pack Leader and Bubblegum styles, as well as the original one. They're all awesome in my mind! 😎

  13. I could have sworn that Asmodeus was available to buy a couple of months ago.

  14. "Completely forgot he existed". Is it, though, if he was in the shop the past month or two? Or am I misinterpreting what you're saying?

  15. She left Mortal Kombat and joined Fortnite when she caught Liu Kang cheating on her with Kung Lao.

  16. I agree. It was a popular landing spot. Scenic too.

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