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  1. Someone call the Fashion Police 😨

  2. You don't have to grind your own, you could make a paste in a food processor or just chop it up real fine and add it to a couple pounds of ground beef from the store.

  3. That’s such a good tip. I just swallow small pieces raw. Sounds gross but pretty inocuous.

  4. She wants a reality show with her sisters for sure.

  5. Most men don’t care. Boobs are boobs.

  6. So those are both armpits right now! That’s why I’m worried like one looks better than the other 😩

  7. Oh crap. I assumed that it was a progress pic. The first one looks definitely angry. Would be good if someone could reassure you.

  8. Haha angry, lol well said. Honestly it doesn’t seem inflamed or hurts or anything like that it just looks “lumpy” to me. Like a bad sewing job.

  9. Luckily it’s not at the front… and it’s not infected 🤞

  10. I so wanted to comment don’t shoot him

  11. So, my mom basically described it to me as a bad stomach ache or period cramps, so I thought I’d be fine… holy fuck… 18 hours of non stop contractions. I puked from the pain multiple times. And the actual pushing- nightmarish.

  12. Exactly why does no one tell us prior “do you know what it’s the most fucking painful thing on earth”🫠

  13. Being gutted alive.... my spinal block didn't work with my C-section

  14. “OH HELL NOOOO!!!!” 🚬🚬🚬

  15. It horrified me. Not sure if it’s due to having kids.

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