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  1. how does this impact yoru’s legacy

  2. Atleeast mention your field and your course

  3. Ruling 719. The Friday prayer consists of two rakʿahs like the ṣubḥ prayer, with the difference that in the Friday prayer, two sermons must be delivered before it. The Friday prayer is an optional obligation (al-wājib al-takhyīrī), meaning that on Fridays, someone who is legally obliged to fulfil religious duties (mukallaf) has the option to either perform the Friday prayer – if all its conditions are fulfilled – or to perform the ẓuhr prayer; and if he performs the Friday prayer, it will suffice in place of the ẓuhr prayer.

  4. No stations just gotta wait on it's route, signal it to stop, and get on it :p

  5. In my experience they're bykea riders, they ask of you want a lift and then demand for money at the end

  6. Wait whats CIA? I know CAS and ASA line but what's this?

  7. Oh, I thought it was a separate track within SOA. Thanks!

  8. Wdym? My Valorant is vc only works for a few rounds for every game and then goes down. I have changed devices and the issue is the same. What servers do you play on?

  9. Did some woman make OP a tad insecure or something?

  10. We've tried everyone at this point except for JI, everyone has treated us like shit. So what's in trying something new

  11. My name means something along the lines of a certain genitalia in another language, so yes

  12. I want to know that too, why do people use Guttka, Smoke, or any form of addiction? even tho. everyone knows, it lead to Cancer. I know few people who died from mouth cancer using Guttka.

  13. Why do you think it's addicting? It gives a slight high

  14. Russia, Iran, Pakistan. Bangladesh. Burma, or whatever they are calling themselves this week.

  15. Pakistan is not half as bad as either of those, except for maybe Bangladesh

  16. It could be interference with the keycaps because when the rgb light is on top, it has interference with certain keycaps

  17. I'm really sorry but no idea what types of keycaps are, they're normal looking keycaps, LED backlit I think, if you want I can send you a picture of them in dm?

  18. im not well-read on keyboards, but the rgb is on the top side of the key if thats what you mean by north, the key caps im not sure what kind but they go into a + signed thingy

  19. Who raises the young ones? Everyone above 10 is dead

  20. It was awesome! Specially when the Avatar came and said 'its Avatar'in time'

  21. I maybe wrong but "The Accountant" is some what close. Ben Affleck did mention something along the lines of "Actuarial Sciences"

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