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  1. Gave is straight up a pissy little bitch on the tell all — he behaves appallingly and those constant facial expressions … I can’t even!

  2. The pair of them qualify for the Darwin awards — who is exactly stupid enough to get pregnant before he’s in the US and settled. She can’t even control the rug rats she has now …

  3. What’s so baffling to me is that those red states are run by Republicans bent on keeping people poor, limiting social programs and trashing education and those ignorant, fat, uneducated people keep voting them in because they promise to make America great again. what a tragedy …

  4. Admittedly I have not received PSPs of the puzzle bag and Chypre sandals I’ve just ordered yet, but I’ve ordered from Amanda in the past and have been blown away by the quality so I’m hopeful these live up to her usual high bar. The factory pics I’ve seen so far are top notch.

  5. The pair of them are co-dependant AF — he’s a little resort fuck boy happy to tell you that he has a huge dick (they are common in the Caribbean — the fuck boy not the dick) and she’s a bona fide nut job — what could go wrong?

  6. The planet were the vast majority of people in the age range of LiB participants can't afford a home.

  7. WTF does any of that have to do with social media attention whores getting publicly slammed for bad behaviour? Can you try to stay on topic here because you’ve completely lost the plot …

  8. How about I remark that she needs extensive therapy and some credit counselling — are you going to call me too Danielle?

  9. Seriously — the woman has waaay to much time in her hands if she’s chasing you for a conversation. WTF?

  10. No storyline at all, total snooze fest, contrived characters and a complete farce — yup, I watched it, but it was baaaaad …

  11. I assure you the vast majority of their designer items are fake. I am an authenticator and reseller of designer goods.

  12. Speak the truth here! There is no way in heaven that they are carrying anything but dupes — agree, they carry bags that the brand doesn’t even make!

  13. Try posting on Wattpad or Medium — both great places for gathering feedback etc.

  14. The pair of them are just sad — it’s like she turned into a mother figure for a tantrum prone toddler and liked it — the EQ of both of them is seriously lacking.

  15. I certainly have. It's just another case of women being treated as second class citizens by men. It's like a test, how much shit are we supposed to take?

  16. If normalizing the bulge is your battle cry, then you should seriously see a therapist cause, girl you are fricking confused

  17. This is so well said. Hersheys used a trans person on packaging for International Women’s Day. Women have fought for so long only to have our causes co-opted by trans women. I’m not saying they don’t have struggles. But why do we need to group them as the same struggles and accomplishments of biological females?

  18. Very well stated — women have so little space to begin with, to see it marginalized by a group who seem to think that they, and they alone have ownership of being a woman is appalling … just stop talking about being a woman when you’ve only been living as one for a nano second.

  19. I’ve had nothing but trouble selling on Poshmark — sold a Prada bag, buyer held on to it, then last minute filed a not as described claim and then never sent it back despite posh awarding them the chance to return it. After a week, I had to tell posh that unless they released my funds immediately I would charge them with fraud. They released the funds.

  20. This whole “romance” has always been about Oussama moving to the US so that he can bring the family there. I have to give them credit for being patient and playing the long game here — there is no way in hell that they would be accepting of this relationship without there being a massive green card pay-off

  21. But, not gonna lie, he was a huge dick (no pun intended) to her during the bday party … I’d have smacked him for the way he treated her.

  22. Peter Thiel is an appalling human being who doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone but himself — I’m not surprised at his douchebag behaviour on any front …

  23. This scene is totally bogus. They are living together in Miami and continuing to “hook up” as Georgi so eloquently states

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