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  1. Are you using GNOME or some other WM/DE? Do you have config files at ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini and/or ~/.gtkrc-2.0? AFAIK most GTK theming is done through these filese unless you're running GNOME or some wayland WM like sway. I usually use lxappearance to set my GTK themes.

  2. I use a standalone window manager. Yes, changing settings through settings.ini file works but i want to know why gsettings doesn't work.

  3. I don't think GTK apps are set up to read gsettings schemas outside the GNOME desktop enviroment and some Wayland WMs like sway. The way I read the

  4. This makes sense. As you pointed out, i was previously using gsettings in sway and suddenly, they stopped working in X11wm's so i thought it was something wrong with my install. Thanks a lot for the help.

  5. You need to download the signature file (.asc, .sig) in the source array if it is provided. I think the dev does not provide it (it may be only used for Git which means hilbish-git can use it with ?signed in its source URL).

  6. adding ?signed to my repo source url does check it's signatures with pgp but it still doesn't prompt me for importing the key if it's missing

  7. In what way does it look weird to you? I am genuinely trying to make it better thus asking. Also, the aur package you mentioned and my pkgbuild take different approaches in installing hilbish. The aur one builds it whereas my pkgbuild copies precompiled binaries.

  8. So is your parents not believing in you, its a loose loose situation

  9. What else did she expect? cats are clearly supreme.

  10. For shrinking you want to open the luks container, then shrink the btrfs partition inside, then close the luks container and resize the container to match. For expanding it, you want to first expand the container, and then open it and resize the filesystem within.

  11. You can use this ImageMagick script to append multiple image files together:

  12. There's been moderation changes. NSFW posts aren't allowed anymore.

  13. Really nice. I prefer dark themes, but very impressed with this. It's gorgeous and sleek.

  14. Thanks :D I chose foot instead of alacritty mainly because foot has all the features i need plus it has server mode like urxvt which makes it consume much less ram than multiple instances of other terminals like kitty or alacritty.

  15. Does vaapi with intel igpu work on this version of firefox ? I remeber having to set a env. variable for rdd on version 98.

  16. Great work! I've been ricing my sway environment too.

  17. Could you share your Firefox userchrome file? I could not find it in your dotfiles?

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