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  1. This game looks so damn good. Come on Blizzard, please don't fuck this one up.

  2. 3 was good after reaper of souls, how it originally released was a dirty money grab

  3. People dont often talk about how during the Civil War the North rolled out some of the most advanced weaponry and logistic improvements of the time to do a little active R&D with them on the south

  4. Man dart design hasnt really changed much, just a material difference

  5. not for long by the look of those silvery jowls

  6. I was 8 years old and my dad showed me the cool things you can do with a scrap of leather and a pair of bootlaces, and David and Goliath was my favorite story from the Bible.

  7. This is my inspiration too, I read that story and even as a child realized how cool that was

  8. Specifically, crossing the stream and stopping to select five nice smooth round stones was a meaningful part for me. I have done the same, even if I have never had to face a Goliath. Only taking five is I think a rather remarkable display of confidence in his skill, and he only needed one.

  9. Whole heartedly agree. David must have had an acute eye for stone geometry

  10. I think you should get some therapy. Tbh this whole thing reads like a breakdown.

  11. Either that or they need a carbonmonoxide sensor

  12. Haunted and kills marriages, little different

  13. Not these, they're like $15.

  14. They will last a lot longer regardless of cost.

  15. I just haven't found these particular gloves to take a conditioner or wax very well. Probably something with how they were tanned or factory treated is just not conducive to maintenance.

  16. I swear by my buffalo skin kinkos and obenauffs

  17. Haha ... I do electric smoking thesedays! ... much nicer: doesn't make me cough. And I call it "smookling": ImO "vaping" is such a dull word.

  18. I meant like the Havana syndrome, allegedly a weapon

  19. Can you imagine our "primal" ancestors eating enough calories to look like him.

  20. Supposedly part of the rise of Homosapien and fall of Neanderthal was caloric intake requirements, with humans have a much lower requirement

  21. Neanderthal: Do you even lift bro?

  22. You might prefer something with a bend to help keep smoke out of your face and eyes

  23. its the lego tool most likely to accidentally kill you

  24. Its just amazing how deep his back catalog of music is

  25. Consider the Dhal Shield which was a small center grip shield without a boss that used two straps gripped together to achieve similar results

  26. Hows that work? I thought guns and drugs dont mix. Someone lie on their form?

  27. Sleeping witha new woman every night, club life, etc

  28. I've just never seen them and it was by itself out of a serving from a big pot

  29. I like how the piece on her chest is reminiscent of the heart of tafiti

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