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  1. How much he likes watching sappy Christmas romcoms with me. He always rolls his eyes and will poke fun at them (what! A single dad wearing plaid living in a small town who’s wife died and swore he’d never love again but seems to be falling for the new girl to town? WHAT A TWIST!) , but he still hands me the remote when he knows full well that’s what I’m going to pick.

  2. My dad was like this! I loved it. Me and my mum would be watching something sappy and cheesy and Dad would walk in, spend 5 minutes asking us to turn it over and eventually he’d get into it and sometimes even shed a tear at the emotional bit.

  3. If you take the ‘li’ in his name and replace with ‘u’ you’ll understand why so negative.

  4. I was with my ex for 7 years and I think the last 3 years was just being stubborn and distracted enough to "make it work". I thought relationships had to be hard work to be worth it and the harder you worked, the better it would get. And I worked really really hard. Basically I was begging my ex to love me properly and it just wasn't happening.

  5. Didn't somewhere in Europe change the law to make this shit illegal? I can't remember where now, but from memory there's no obligation to donate absolutely everything - but it's rewarded, and you can't deliberately obstruct someone from having it.

  6. I do believe that it’s illegal (since 2016) in France and you get a hefty fine if you don’t follow the rules. Italy also has a scheme where companies get rewarded, it’s not law just heavily encouraged though tax rebates. Smart. Nothing encourages humans to give a fuck more than money lol.

  7. Oh I completely agree with you! I was just thinking of the reward systems in some countries for recycling where people get money, prizes, public transport credit, even credit in electricity bills in Brazil I think.

  8. Modern family, NCIS and Benidorm. Used to watch these with my mum and dad, the main programs we could easily watch without arguments 😂

  9. I mostly wear ‘vintage’ stuff I get from charity shops. Quite often I’m wearing the same thing as a 50+ woman, or they had/have the same thing once, and they go WILD for it. Obviously I make it my own so the vibes are different, but it tends to really cheer the ladies up 😂

  10. I automatically see and think the worst in everyone I meet. That way your prepared for the hurt.

  11. Gia Christina. Gia (Gianna) being one of my favourite names and Christina after my mumma.

  12. Snacks and for me personally, protein shakes to use as a creamer substitute for my coffee

  13. So, do you like, add the powder to your coffee, or like put your vanilla protein drink into your coffee? I may have to steal your idea. Whatever it is.

  14. If your renting the place, take photos of the entire place in detail, like a stain on the carpet or a dint in the wall. Everything. Tell your landlord about any issues you find BEFORE you fully move in. Time stamped photos are essential.

  15. Well, it started with me downloading tinder after watching Bridget Jones and realising how lonely I was and wanted a boyfriend… 4 years later realised I should have just eaten more ice cream and not swiped right.

  16. Cos he was really sexy and I wanted to bang him 😉 Nah, we got on really well and I felt safe with him, something I hadn't felt in long time. Over 4 months later, he still makes me feel safe (and I still want to bang him)

  17. I hate it when I read some of these comment that are 100% right (and what I dream of) but make me go ‘oh’ about my own relationship 😔

  18. It was my best kiss ever 😂 it’s been nearly 10 years and nothings comes close to that, and I’ve kissed a lot of frogs. It was a romantic setting around a campfire in Germany on my last night with a guy I’d had a crush on for my entire trip there. I was 15. I’m 24 now. I’m due another perfect kiss. It truly angers me.

  19. My name was inspired by a popular 80s tv series about a sorta very messed up relationship about a priest falling in love with this girl as she grows up. Messed up nowadays but epic show.

  20. My barbies knew I was bi from a very young age, that’s all I’m gonna say.

  21. It’s funny really, most people want a nice fancy house with all the mod cons, I just want this.

  22. 8-9, first diet at 9, was the special k diet. That started the next 10 years of hell ❤️

  23. ‘Guys only give you attention because you have big tits, that’s all’ - guy I rejected who had told me several times in detail how pretty I was.

  24. I'm so glad it went smooth for you but I just won't come out irl can't if I wanna stay alive lmao and only friend I trust is the one mentioned in the post never expected her to be this positive and normal abt it though

  25. Mateeee your 15! Don’t be dramatic 😂 You grow up, you leave wherever you are (trust me I get small homophobic town life, been there), and you love freely.

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