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Cyclist chases a dog that was running in the middle of an avenue to protect him from the vehicles. She chased the dog for over 600 meters (0.38 miles) and didn't rest until he was safe. She and the people who helped out are heroes.

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  1. You are using "white" as a pejorative.

  2. I would say f*ck it, I would not risk my life for some braindead dog

  3. I'm just saying some people see their dogs as their kids

  4. If you have Kanye's mom on your wall and not your own momma its weird af, lmao

  5. A former product manager of Ozone Network (OpenSea), named Nathaneil Chastain has been charged with insider trading in crypto assets. This makes it the first-ever case of insider trading in the digital asset market.

  6. Imagine watching stranger things lmao

  7. This is a weird question. Who cares what our opinion is. As long as they are doing what is best for them.

  8. I'm super insecure because I'm turning 25 and hopefully getting into college this year.

  9. I, along with literally the entire world, don’t give a fuck how old you are when you start/graduate.

  10. I'll gladly accept the cheap GPU coming from the miners about time my 1050ti takes a break

  11. I just listened to it for the first time.

  12. Why should it reach 100k? With what justification will someone pay 100k per Bitcoin?

  13. Once it gets regulated and people start using it just like a normal currency to pay for stuff (commercial adoption) BTC could reach 100K.

  14. Released an unfinished album, makes SenSe

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