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  1. Do referees in such big matches get any sort of security accompanying them during the trip? UEFA can afford it.

  2. Did it look like he had it lMao

  3. Mancini death threat comments coming in 3,2,1

  4. Mancini death threat comments coming on social media in 3, 2, 1

  5. Our worst season is Dortmunds best efforts

  6. Even with how it ended, he should be used to it at this point

  7. That’s an even bigger bottle then anything he’s used to is imagine

  8. Bayern are ice cold even in terrible form. While Dortmund the Roma of Germany.

  9. Bruh how you gonna compare Yoel Fucking Romero and Alexy Olniek lmaoooo

  10. I’m also talking about fights aswell.

  11. Why not keep a 4231 with rice and kimmich playing next to each other?

  12. I’d imagine in attack it’s a 4141, but defence, more a 4231

  13. Bordelas and bringing the dark arts back to Getafe is a toxic combo I’m here for

  14. We're conceding a 3rd one 100%

  15. If there's any juve player I want to see wear the red jersey it's Vlahovic

  16. I’ve always been a fan of Chiesa since the Euros to. Electric player, but that’s all I’ll say.

  17. Strickland is as equally stupid and would view wrestling as “gay” and would rather be ko’d lmao

  18. Love the wars that these two put on. But I’m more appreciative of them for having each others back and always shouting each other out after every fight for the support. 🖕🏻209🖕🏻

  19. “Shout out the best fighter in the world, it’s the Nick Diaz army motherfucker”

  20. If Castagne scored that, it would be the definition of smash and grab

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