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  1. There’s a few different possibilities, one being bent lead screws. I would take the lead screws out, check for runout and then if everything checks out, reattach them in the couplings while making sure to have a gap between the lead screw and the motor shaft when reattaching.

  2. Troubleshooting can be a huge pain. Before you go about all of that, have you tried printing any other models? If the issue is lead screw related then this would be a consistent issue with every print. The issue could still be with the couplings even if you don’t see it every print. You mentioned that you printed the benchy in a different orientation which must mean you re-sliced it and did not use the same Gcode which would eliminate the file as a source of the issue. Hope you manage to fix whatever it is!

  3. Gotta look stylish while getting instantly headshot in Csgo :)

  4. They mentioned retractions not Z items

  5. There would never be a retraction mid layer line on a cube like that unless there is a z seam

  6. I believe that Lewis (and now mick) are the only ones that have Sebastian's phone number.

  7. And that reporter whose red dress he likes lol

  8. I had difficulty flashing firmware from Cura when I had the stock Creality board. I was able to work around this by downloading the Creality slicer from the Sd card provided and upgrading the firmware through there. I’m pretty sure Kersey Fabrications has a video that outlines that process somewhere, don’t have a link though.

  9. I was able to update the firmware but the display is still in Chinese so I am doubtful the update actually worked

  10. The boards will boot up with the Chinese language menu enabled by default. You can navigate the menus to change language from Chinese to English but you will have to look up the sequence if you don’t already know where that setting is and can’t read Chinese. If you already did that and it reverts somehow then I have never experienced that and wouldn’t know what to do.

  11. This guide helped me get it set up. Link will probably be helpful to you too:

  12. The wiring on the 3pin Bltouch connection should be orange red brown. The stock creality wiring is orange brown red. Need to swap those two

  13. This video was longer than 30 seconds. You should've have already disconnected. Fake

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