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  1. I am sad the Miller Time strip didn't make the cut.

  2. Dude I was referencing the Simpsons...

  3. Lol what do you think western children are watching these days

  4. But you could order a waffle, and make your own sandwich at the table lol

  5. I’ll never forget seeing that lemiwinks episode when it was live and new. Thanks to all.

  6. Thought the same. It’s like she thinks that her smart watch imparts some kind of official power. Also, wtf she need a date of birth for?

  7. All the most official people ask for it. Doctors, lawyers, the IRS, etc.

  8. I almost can't believe the picture because I've never heard of anywhere willingly "undeveloping" an area.

  9. Others have mentioned Boston, MA (USA) but also Providence RI (USA) did this too. The canal/river that runs through the city used to be completely filled in decades back. They dug it back out, and in the last 10 years put a lot of greenery around and added a nice walking bridge.

  10. "Unfortunately, they're pressing sexual harassment charges against your daughter."

  11. It's not a high risk behavior as much as it is a higher risk behavior. These practices are intended to protect the most vulnerable people (elderly, children, infirm), and to minimize risk overall.

  12. Plus even when you're young and healthy, food poisoning really sucks.

  13. Even if you can go back, it feels awkward. Almost like you have to apologise to the NPCs, like "Yeah, I just came here by accident, I didn't actually wanna talk to you, so.. Imma just go back real quick... see ya!"

  14. "I know, I know, everyone's dying and I'm the only one who can save them. Especially the guy who is getting chomped on by that monster I have to save. But I need to spend extra time to find all the collectibles first!"

  15. Burial vaults are how you stop the zombie apocalypse from happening though. That way they can never get out. Lol

  16. That's a misconception. Even if the virus, magic, whatever possesses a corpse that's buried, they wouldn't be strong enough to dig their way out. They'd just end up destroying the body as it tries to dig out. That's assuming it realized it could attempt to break through the coffin and dig out.

  17. Imagine being racist and trying to harass a young girl and backfiring so hard that girl makes national news as an inspiration for all the other little girls like her.

  18. And Yale accepts her bug collection into their museum.

  19. Needless to say he needs to move the box or the bathroom... because my company will not be working in that death trap.

  20. "I don't see what the problem is, here. Just do the work I'm paying you for!"

  21. I love Calvin's thought process in this.

  22. Primary care doctor here… you’d be amazed how many people have that attitude and not just about their weight but about literally anything and everything. My favorite is when a patient insists that nobody has done anything to help them and I’m like wellllll the 5 medications you’re on and the 6 specialists you see and the 3 surgeries you’ve had would make that seem untrue. People are WILD and as a PCP I get a uniquely weird view of it.

  23. Years ago, I went to my doctor for my yearly checkup. I also mentioned heavy sweating and a few other things. I wasn't terribly overweight (maybe 20 lbs over what I should've been?) but he told me that I should stop gaining weight now, and losing some weight could help me with some of my complaints and just to be healthier.

  24. My grandparents have been married for 70 years.

  25. "Dear? Why is there a vise in the bathroom?"

  26. "...And I personally think it's absolutely negligent that your walker can't keep a kid safe while falling down a flight of stairs! Heck, the manual only mentions that risk 12 times!"

  27. What is more amazing that there is a program that pin point where the Lazer is being aim from or that people do this from their houses

  28. Well, it's how I potty trained my log!

  29. Zolpidem is the generic version of Ambien.

  30. Right, but... how is that different from what I said? Isn't the generic version of a brand name drug usually just called whatever the actual drug is? You buy the generic version of Ambien, and it's labelled Zolpidem because that's what it is.

  31. It would help if you put pants on when you answer the door.

  32. That's one of the things I love about Futurama, despite being a very smart show they're not afraid to be silly too. They made up the most nonsensical reason to go fishing just because it's funny.

  33. "Did everyone remember to take their pressure pills?"

  34. Anyone else feel like Hobbes wants to suck the marrow out of your bones? I like my marrow… in my bones.

  35. But it wasn't Patel, it was Patil. Is that even a common spelling of it?

  36. As far as I know, Indian names are translated phonetically. So there are many variations in how the same names are spelled. From a quick google search it does appear Patel and Patil are the same.

  37. Took five years and 200 references. Sounds like a PhD thesis to me. All that work, he could’ve become a doctor.

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