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  1. The dog wasn't the issue. What he said, jokingly calling for genocide, was. The dog had nothing to do with his conviction.

  2. I think you’re correct. Ive been trying to get 100% in the epilogue these past couple of months, so I lose track of all the places i go😂

  3. Good luck. I bet the 70 gold is/was a pain. I can’t get more than 30.

  4. it is excruciatingly hard…..especially considering that I didn’t pay much attention to it during the story and now have to get it through stranger missions.

  5. hello!! Recently got rdr2, and its the first game in the series I've played. (I only use single player) For early game, what am I to do if I get a bounty?? I wasn't thinking of repercussions and robbed a horse - and while doing the debt collecting mission for Strauss, I can't finish the collection for Chick without getting killdd or attacked. Do I have to restart?? (Also can't pay it off - I bought more than ground coffee in that mission with uncle and lost money in deaths so I only have 18 dollars left..) any tips are helpful! Sorry if it's a stupid question.

  6. you can do lots of things to get money. the quickest and most effective way is to just sell items in your satchel that you dont need. you can also sell pelts that you hunt, as well as gamble in saloons.

  7. I think I would have to see dutch before the events of the game to answer that question. He did take in three orphaned children and treat them as family, as well as other people along the way……..but I don’t think this let’s him off the hook completely. I think it could have been out of genuine care…….but I also think it could have been a part of a plan to build a group of people who thought the same as him and could act in his favor. However, if we look at his core ideals of being “free from civilization”, I think it’s actually the first one. Dutch seems to have started off as having a huge heart…….but I think that having power over such a loyal group of people that grew over time made him change his overall persona from that of a loving father of three adopted children, doing what they had to survive………to a militant commander who knew he had a strong following on his side. Of course…..none of this is factoring in the biggest asswipe of the story: micah. I think that dutch was already on the verge of spiraling out of control……..but micah just sped up the process.

  8. There can't be absolute freedom. Your freedom ends where mine starts!

  9. I have to disagree with your third point. Dignity is completely subjective, It changes from person to person, and if you claim something harms your dignity, there is no way to prove it. Any society that punishes people for hurting peoples feelings is rotten to the core.

  10. To anyone wondering….they are an invasive species and are only in a few counties. Most of them carry deadly diseases, and since they are invasive to the state, they have caused major damage to native vegetation. hopefully they will either be exterminated, sterilized, or put into captivity in the near future.

  11. I’m an American, so I’m not extremely familiar with Australian law, but from what I’ve seen: you guys need one, but not in the way we’ve done it. I think a bill of rights needs to have the ability to be interpreted in a way that remains constant over time. For example: the second amendment in the USA was originally intended to allow for readily available private militias, but over time, It’s become a paragraph that billy the proud boy can use to defend his ability to buy 37 assault rifles with little to no restrictions. I think any bill of rights needs to clearly state “ this is what you have the right to, this is how that right can be exercised, and the government can do nothing to hinder that right.” I think this style of writing is absent from the us bill of rights, as well as foreign equivalents, but in different ways. For example: Free speech. This is the one area where the US may have done it best. I’ve noticed that in the laws of most western countries, it pretty much says: “All citizens have the right to free speech, but the government can restrict free speech in certain situations”. This style seems so stupid, what is the point of having natural rights if they can be hindered in any situation the government sees fit? I do believe that rights should have exceptions and responsibilities e.g you can’t incite imminent violence through speech, and you can’t buy a firearm without going through a proper process, etc. But these limitations should be clearly stated, and not be left up to the courts to decide on a case by case basis.

  12. What kind of food should I give him? The guys at the fish store said he doesn’t need to be fed.

  13. well all living organisms need to eat, so i have no idea how you believed that dumbass at the pet store.

  14. logos are becoming simpler, and that is a good thing. 20 years ago many sports logos were hard to print because of the unnecessary small details.

  15. Since when is Mexico a snake?! Bad logo.

  16. The collar looks like the pattern on a box of tampons

  17. qatari people arent the problem. neither are the accommodations. they should be able to put together a good experience with 200 billion dollars. The problem is the labor and corruption that went in to making that experience possible.

  18. You should push these ideas to the New Orleans USL (soccer) team that is planned. Your designs are great, even if I’m not as large a fan of the name as it isn’t really recognizable as New Orleanian.

  19. will do! I just finished the design. I changed the name to krewe de new orleans! I’ll dm you a picture if you’d like!

  20. I agree that they should have started the franchises with those respective names but two franchises just swapping either names or cities would not go over well in the modern NBA landscape, grizz and jazz have team history despite their mascot not really fitting in to their culture. If it were to be memphis jazz and Utah grizzlies it would have to be a very long process of the grizzlies moving back to Vancouver, the jazz moving to memphis, and then the grizzlies moving to utah over the span of most likely 2-3 decades

  21. i agree. as much as their name doesn’t make sense, they have always been the utah jazz to me, and I think they’ve built a good identity.

  22. coldest ive ever experienced is about halfway up mount hagen. It was 7 degrees farenheit. The hottest was in bayou nwa. 98

  23. I’ve seen 2 degrees Fahrenheit in Colter

  24. i probably have too. I just usually dont go up that far, and if i do, i dont really pay attention.😂

  25. 10 gallons should be adequate for one crayfish so long as they have plenty of places to hide and a bubbler so they get adequate oxygen. As for other animals, crayfish are voracious little predators that will not hesitate to eat anything slightly smaller than them. They do not coexist well with any other creatures as far as I know, and especially not in a 10gal where everything is within easy reach of their little claws. Live plants as well will be quickly devoured.

  26. thank you for the tips! I forgot to mention this in the original post, but would i be able to use substrate from its habitat, as long as i rinse it off?

  27. americans can’t even cross a street without being arrested

  28. but they can play with airsoft guns, play uncensored video games, go to nightclubs after midnight, ride e-scooters, a d go cycling without a helmet.

  29. Germany: tries to ban nazi symbols, antisemitic hate and Holocaust denial (with comme si, comme ça results).

  30. because germans dont. speech shouldn’t be illegal just because it hurts your feelings. free speech is a fundemental human right, and speech should only be illegal if it incites violence. I honestly am dumbfounded that people from germany, a developed, first world country, are perfectly fine with the government prosecuting people just for saying mean things.

  31. From what ive seen, you could probably get 800-1200 for the set.

  32. John Marston would have been 44 by the time the US joined WW1, and I doubt he would have joined, and he definitely wouldn’t have been drafted

  33. the post says jack. everyone is talking about jack dude.😐🙄

  34. Desantis has became the very thing he swore to destroy. rooting out indoctrination with more indoctrination.

  35. If you’re in the eastern part of the state shoot me a dm

  36. I’m in the western part, but I could definitely make time to come over!

  37. It’s cool IMO, but only if it’s an actual american flag. not one of those purely political “blue line” flags, or one of the flags with an AR-15 in the corner instead of 50 stars.

  38. white guilt at its finest……..I didn’t even think of black people once when hearing “monkeypox”. but these doctors did.

  39. just rocks dude….no signs of being worked.

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