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  1. You retreated while Commisar is at the back

  2. I do not understand why so many people say Germany 6.7 is bad because of all the heat slingers. I’ve considered that maybe I’m good at the game but it just doesn’t seem possible.

  3. It’s skill issue mainly. 6.7 requires two completely different strategies depending on whether you were uptiered or downtiered, since uptier means Cold War playstyle and downtier means WW2 playstyle. Either your armor makes you nigh invisible, or it’s totally irrelevant. People getting into the Cold War for the first time really struggle with that switch up In playstyles, especially since Germany has the highest BR WW2 tanks, so everyone else gets HEAT slingers before they do. Other nations learn to play Cold War in Cold War tanks, which eases the transition German mains have to learn their armor no longer matters and to use the Long 88 as the sniper it is, rather than a big armored brawler like their earlier tanks are.

  4. I imagine they picked the Leo because it’s more inline with the rest of what NATO has, making integration easier.

  5. I wanna know about Tsunami’s gift of wall clipping in Rainbow 6

  6. Remind, which one is it? Soulless One? I know they had the Hyena, but that seemed to function more like an altitude bomber rather than a strike aircraft.

  7. The point is, it’s not a relative power scaling debate between modern and SW tech, but rather a ‘this idea/concept would be very effective if employed by SW factions’

  8. "These two droids." Guess they were right about that.

  9. One day soon we’re gonna unite and crush these silly reptiles in the name of mankind. They think their biological weapons are a match for technology, but they are wrong. Our power is infinite and our number is legion. In the words of a brilliant Kalleesh General, we will crush them, and we will make them suffer.

  10. If I had to guess, I’d put my money on methane. Most animals produce a lot of methane naturally from their digestive processes which leaves the body as farts.

  11. He came within a knife's edge of having all of his plans ruined when he was on the Invisible Hand, in a few different ways.

  12. Honestly the whole kidnapping plot seems a little undercooked to me, especially for someone known for their schemes. There’s so many instances when it could have gone really, really wrong.

  13. Give me an FPS game from the perspective of a scavenger and I’ll be happy

  14. If you guys succeed, can you bring the Raven Guard along with you?

  15. I refuse to believe Balkan ppl are going to the same school. That's like giving a toddler nuke launch button to play with

  16. The entire Middle East too. And all of Southern Africa, and India, China, and Pakistan together…

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