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  1. You do realise all of the psychological research that goes into the exact design, function, timing, and placement, of everything inside the modern grocery store, right? It's not mental weakness it's mental manipulation on the part of the store. Why do you think the sugary cereals are at child-eyeline-height? Why do you think they put candies and kinder eggs by the checkout line?

  2. Uh, we're talking about the cashier or self checkout asking for a donation. It's a simple yes or no answer. Learn to say no.

  3. With all due respect we're also talking about a corporation with plenty of resources to research when and how to ask you for your donation. Why do you think they ask exactly when you're paying, last minute? They could ask you when you enter the store, like Salvation Army. Why do you think they ask for the amount they ask for?

  4. This isn't some sort of complex social manipulation. Where do you have your wallet out, and what is a small enough amount that it won't be a burden to donate. It's really simple. Anything else wouldn't make sense. Again, if you feel that you've been manipulated into saying yes, that's because you are adverse to saying no for some reason. Learn the value of 'no'.

  5. He never promised beer would be a dollar. He just promised that he would lower the minimum price that a beer could be sold for. It was up to retailers to decide how much they actually want to charge.

  6. Are there any hybrids out there that don't come with a factory remote start?

  7. They can sell pre-owned cars without an engine if they want. Did the give you a warranty that covers the battery?

  8. Then it certainly is. Assuming that you don't have a permeant address, OW needs to ensure you're not committing fraud by claiming to be homeless while actually living with your parents.

  9. Well, you can be a great driver but still not do well when being evaluated. Kind of like if you're at work you can do the same job a hundred times but when your boss is watching you, you get out of sorts and make mistakes. I've been driving for decades. No tickets, no accidents, complete stops at stop signs, etc. but I can't guarantee that I wouldn't be thrown a bit if someone was sitting beside me deciding if I get to keep driving. Doesn't mean that I don't know how to drive, but some people get nervous in these situations. There's a difference between not knowing how to drive and just making a mistake when driving.

  10. Unless you have a contract that obligates you to give notice, you don't even have to let them know (although it's a dick move). If your contract specifies specific notice, you may be in breach, although unless you're doing something highly specialized it's probably not worth their while to enforce it.

  11. Yes. I worked travelling for Science North, it is a requirement to be paid if you are travelling somewhere where you do not typically work / it's not a typical work building. (commuting to a typical work building does not count). Travel time only though, actual time on the road, then time actually working. Can't count the time you're hanging out at your hotel. That's for an hourly.

  12. I worked there too once upon a time. Left before I had a chance to travel with any of the exhibits.

  13. Well, if you're dumb enough to think that a random text from a stranger is legit, maybe you don't need the money so badly.

  14. But you shouldn't have to wear earplugs in order to enjoy your right to live respectfully in your own unit. Continuous bullshit like this is disrespectful. What is wrong with people??

  15. Continuous bullshit like this is called "sharing a wall or ceiling". This isn't a barking dog or a loud stereo, this is kids being kids. That's what they do. They run around and play. Sometimes you end up unlucky and share a wall or ceiling with them.

  16. They sure can. That's what kids do, and that is the downside of high density housing. Get some ear-plugs or move. No one is going to force kids to sit still all day. Just because it is annoying doesn't mean that it is illegal. It's kids being kids.

  17. I'd say 'no very' just based on anecdotal evidence. Of the entirety of the people that I am still in touch with from my childhood, only a few have left the province.

  18. Well, they were short because the house isn't done yet. The agreement was terminated part way through the build.

  19. Okay, context: I'm a marketer by trade. I will focus on snow removal since it's most relevant right now.

  20. Because we jammed the computing power of a laptop, and then some, into a phone.

  21. Well, then the government should be regulating the prices of all necessities and to hell with the free market.

  22. Rent increases can be legislated, why couldn't rent caps?

  23. How do you decide the caps? Does my luxury 2 bedroom suddenly get rented for the same price as grandma's 2 bedroom basement?

  24. Middling is giving her far too much credit.

  25. It is, just like it is the responsibility of the city to maintain sidewalks, but as we all know, sometimes things are missed.

  26. I don't see how dad is the asshole. He just didn't interfere in his adult daughters relationship.

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