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  1. I think the idea is that Yama is so strong/experienced that despite of KS, he can sense whose reiatsu is stabbing him.

  2. this, yeah. Yamma got stabbed on purpose because he believed that doing so would allow him to properly sense Aizen's reiatsu, making sure he wasn't fighting an illusion

  3. ulquiorra takes the drip simply because Quilge is the most Nazi looking mf'er even among the sternritter

  4. I'm going to say not any better. mind you, he took down 3 sternritter, with relative ease (compared to how the others were doing). the part that makes me say he wouldn't do better is because we see how much he improves with Unohana, who trained him to specifically increase his abilities that fit with him, rather than general training. Yamma would have made him stronger sure, but he'll hit the same wall in the form of Ywach.

  5. Rukia is related to Byakuya, though not by blood. she had a blood sister named Hisana.

  6. I was thinking more squidward after eating all those krabby patties

  7. Jeez I was expecting a miniskirt or tiny shorts or something, not a fairly generic outfit.

  8. I was expecting a bikini or something, instead it's just a tanktop and sweat pants...but she has boobs so clearly it's wrong I guess

  9. ''we can see your body'' bro have you ever tried to hide a body? it's harder than you think

  10. foreshadowing of what? at this point in the story kisuke was already known to be a captain and had developed a bankai training method. if I recall correctly he goes on to say that his bankai is suited for the training chad and renji are asking for

  11. Cour 1 previews had red skies too that weren't present in the anime so it might be. Though I hope it does look like this.

  12. Cour 1 previews had those too, but not the actual anime. I'm waiting to see how this turns out

  13. hey what did target do? I've been saying a lot of posts recently but I still have no clue what they ''did''

  14. haven't they had pride merch for a while? I remember watch karen's freak out over this well over a year ago too.

  15. is this a genuine criticism people have of bleach? because it highly suggests they didn't watch the series or purposely misunderstood it. Ichigo states his goals clearly, numerous times. he wants to protect those he cares for. it's that simple.

  16. I'm not 100% sure what a baddie is, but doesn't the self proclaimed part kind of negate the baddie part?

  17. title is accurate. they don't care. they're more than happy to give this man money in whatever way. so why would they care if it goes directly into his pocket or what it's used for? they don't donate because he needs the money anyway, they donate to show support.

  18. aah this reminds me, whenever I mention I'm blind people immediately start making the joke about ''how I didn't see that coming''.

  19. I did not see that coming. What I would like to see, is why the fuck you traverse this hellscape of a social media without the ability to see it in its full glory and/or morbid reality

  20. eh, I've done more morbid things back when I used to be able to see well. now I'm just a blind meak little person who couldn't hurt anybody, so nobody suspects me.

  21. just not to deal with the fullbringers, but for Ichi, in which case it's pretty smart to send him.

  22. is she moaning or invoking the daemon sultan Azathoth?

  23. why give her a binky? (I think that's what it's called, the thing in her mouth)

  24. i thought it made her look cuter, really sweet and innocent ! do you not like it ?

  25. personally not really, though I'll add that the art itself is really solid and good work so please don't take that to mean anything bad, I would actually like to see more of your work

  26. for my school it was that there was one sole person responsible for making all schedule for everyone in the school, was killed by her ex-husband. I found the body along with another neighbour. it took more than 10 years for the school to find someone else as capable.

  27. I only read the first part of that, because spoilers obviously (thanks for marking them as such, I genuinely appreciate it). but wow...I really hope the anime handles that differently. I'm guessing that guy is getting downvoted because most people don't know this

  28. bro, the face. how did she take this pic and think, yep, this is someone who has achieved a lot in life, look at that, look at the joy on their face.

  29. as a diagnosed sociopath, I'll have you know that I do this for completely unrelated reasons, nothing to do with my sociopathy thank you.

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