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  1. linke sind ja bekanntlich berühmt dafür, dass sie nie was zu den maskendeals gesacht haben

  2. On higher difficulty, it's very soothing because you need to concentrate entirely on the delivery.

  3. there's a new game plus setting that disables it

  4. yeah, the author doesn't really write intelligent or sympathetic women

  5. ok, so I have to ask: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU GROW A DICK??? Did I miss something? How does this work???

  6. Wish there was a way to add this to an ebook. I don’t even have to move my eyes I can read it all just staring at the center lol in like a second

  7. Ich halte dich nach dem was ich hier sehe in der Frage für zu befangen, um neutral von „Fakten“ zu schreiben. Du siehst nur, was dir nicht in den Kram passt, ohne den Kontext, in den er es setzt, zu beachten. Für mich ist das cherry-picking mit dem Ziel, einen anders denkenden zu diskreditieren.

  8. Oh nein, ich bin sehr befangen. Anti-homophob zum Beispiel, überhaupt nicht neutral.

  9. I don't understand people's importance of "what marx had to say about X".

  10. Well yeah I got this question because I read Richard Wolff. I just don't think his way of dividing workers makes much sense

  11. Why would the capitalists hire them and pay "enablers" in the wage form if they weren't reaping surplus labor? That analysis is just aestheticizing the forms of labor that were easier to organize into trade and industrial unions in the early 20th Century.

  12. Well capitalists are able to pay some workers more than their work produces, right? For example top managers still do work, but not as much as they're paid to do. That extra money comes from the laborers below. So theoretically, I could play my security guard 1000€ per hour, if I just exploit all my other workers enough.

  13. the truth is probably that you will need agrarian regions to produce the food

  14. Klar ist die Krankheit arbiträr festgelegt, aber die Symptome sind echt, die Behandlung ist echt, wo soll das Problem liegen?

  15. Bro I think that it is because of your cpu. It's really weak for this card. I have ryzen 5 5600 with rtx 3060ti which is almost the same performance like yours gpu and I'm sometimes bottlenecked too with my cpu. These games are really cpu heavy, so you should buy atleast the same cpu as I have. Cheers

  16. hi, I didn't really think I'd still get responses on this thread lol, I appreciate it. So it turns out that my problem was the RAM, it performed in the bottom 2 percent of the RAM speed range. After pulling the sticks out and putting them in again, the game ran with 90 fps on medium no problem!

  17. Do send Ukraine every tank in existence please. Not like we use 'em better

  18. Oh, du bist sooo speziell. Schön, dass du virtue signallen kannst aus deinem sicheren Bettchen, in der warmen Wohnung deiner Mama.

  19. Ich versteh das Problem ehrlich gesagt nicht. Bist du *gegen* das Rausschmeißen einer faschistischen Armee durch die Ukraine?


  21. Sphere by Michael Crichton. It is right up your alley. Group of people head underwater to explore an "alien spaceship." It's riveting, and to be honest I've been trying to find something similar since.

  22. There's a movie adaption of the book that I really love. You think it's worth it to read the book anyway?

  23. I've heard the movie sucks so I haven't watched it. The book is amazing.

  24. the movie's great! Now I'm curious about the book though

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