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  1. We ran out of raspberry weeks ago so seeing that Sailor Saturn gave me a little stress.

  2. For a fellow partner I’d give it to you for free lol

  3. I’d refund the order there’s no way they can actually drink that

  4. That's all nifty and all. But they are holding our tokens hostage at that time. I have two different wallets (One CB Wallet and one SaitaMask) and I have yet to get my air drops. I am a pretty calm person but this is starting to become rediculous and down right scary.

  5. They aren’t holding your tokens hostage you should be able to import your seed phrase into another wallet to access your tokens

  6. Awesome, yep that’s what I was looking for. This sub has 38k, that sub has just under 1k but they have similar activity it seems. Thanks!

  7. Based on 4million cost and say 250000 holders, that average gas of 16 dollars per holder I’ve seen/heard at least 20-30 holder say their gas fee was 1-1.5 eth, which leads me to believe they are batched

  8. They are batched and I definitely said at least 4 million

  9. My bad thought you were saying they weren’t batched

  10. You can still buy it but it’s not worth much now since they moved the liquidity to V2 and it won’t do anything to your V2 bag since they already took the snapshot

  11. Thanks. So all of these people messaging me to click links to “nodes” and “dapps” are scammers, right?

  12. Lol well now you and I are just having conversation, but you already know my initial reason - to protect new investors in this space.

  13. Good thing I didn’t and you know how to read.

  14. Congrats I can’t wait until I’m there

  15. Started with 32 now I’m at 2500 bought in July what can I say

  16. This is actually really good because they might be the ones helping with the card payment section of the app 🤔

  17. It’s because Saitama’s liquidity will be unlocked from Uniswap in May and they’re going to move it to SaitaMask then so they’re probably waiting until then to do it so they can just move everything all at once

  18. This is absolutely the most transparent project in this class of coin. I have held luffy, Goku, Shiba, Volt, Mononoke, shinja and this coin shits on those when it comes to transparency…. If you are playing in the micro-alt coins… this is far and away the best and most promising with potential upside. Please prove me wrong.

  19. I’m one of the first 2,500 definitely most transparent project I’ve been in

  20. I might be wrong but I think that’s when they’ll move the liquidity to SaitaMask

  21. Which makes sense especially if they want to start their own blockchain and get the rest of the app functioning

  22. The above is well more than a nickels worth of free advice - it would behove you to listen. I'm here for a reason lol, if you do not believe me - go do your own research and buy into the project, its not my money you'd waste. Best of luck to you and you're investments, if you wanna be a winner; go buy a Dippie.

  23. I’ve been in the project for a while now so I’m good

  24. I hope you stay good, I’m involved in many projects - this one has more red flags than I’ve ever seen with terrible admins. I’m far from alone in this opinion. I wish you the best of luck. I encourage new investors to heed with caution.

  25. Yeah that’s about right and the more transactions that happen the more you’ll get in reflections

  26. You guys do realize it’s a retro style game right….



  29. You’re not supposed to be in peace, you’re supposed to be holding on for dear life 😱enjoy the rest of the ride. Keep hands and feet inside crypto at all times

  30. I’ve been holding since mid-July and I from what I’ve seen with this token is a similar path that happens with other tokens and coins. I get why people are mad but from my little experience in trading I realize nothing is ever flawless from the beginning in the tech world or crypto world.

  31. Technically they aren’t the original dev team the group we see now bought Saitama the company

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