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  2. Or …. it’s just faster and easier to wake the screen for the two seconds you need a bit of light to stumble through the darkness.

  3. Imo unless everyone is really excited to see a movie, movies are for hanging out with people you don't really want to talk to

  4. 35 and I have about 12 people I'm confident would drop their shit and drive the thousand miles to where I moved and help me out if needed.

  5. Yet it's one your wife asks and you answer in action by stepping further and further away from your daughter

  6. I love the non traditional ones. I'm just not into octopus but all the others I've had were amazing

  7. Speaking of wig maintenance if you take one part liquid clothes softener to five parts water in a spray bottle it'll help keep flyaways down and it easy to comb

  8. I dunno what people do with bobble heads or what the appeal is. At least the shirt/jersey/hat giveaways have a functional use.

  9. Preach. I don't get it to begin with an especially not when it's.... This bad

  10. I'm really hoping it's not. Like maybe it was the first draft they got sent but it'll look better when it comes time

  11. Legit question: how is his name pronounced? I keep swearing I hear people say Angel

  12. She’s already transferred it to her boyfriends bank so they can go buy whatever druggy shit they’re addicted to. All she had to say when I confronted her was “sucks to suck”.

  13. Unfortunately I don't think you're going to get your money back. Fortunately as far as realizing someone is not in the least bit trustable even peripherably, 55 bucks is kind of cheap. I don't have much but I can send you five bucks if you need it

  14. Rene's, Alejandro's, Ricardo's, Winchell's , Hurts, and I'm assuming insomnia keeps similar hours

  15. The helmet nachos are pretty good. Tbh I haven't been wowed by any of the food so we usually eat on 4th Street beforehand

  16. They really are. My husband and I are fat kids and can easily split one while inebriated lol

  17. Technically, it's not "furniture" per-say, but I'll go with the 9 ft bamboo pole hanging from my suspension frame 😁.

  18. If you want more than a bed but something less assuming than a sex swing/cross/spanking bench, can I suggest a nice massage table?

  19. My favorite bed looked like a masseuse bed somebody had split the wrong way. The "head" hole worked great for faces even in spanking bench position but was also great for letting a guy hang through. Very fun piece

  20. Thank u. Do u know anything about the nightlife? I'm really into edm and love going to clubs to listen and meet new people!

  21. We have a surprisingly large edm following with tribal roots warehouse, the wave, the cotillion and a few clubs downtown hosting regularly.

  22. So it does vary, I don't want to say it's easy as walking in but it's also not awful. Outreach is different with each place most go to homeless encampments, find people on the street etc. Most volunteer at Lords diner.

  23. I used to volunteer at the opportunity zone for the children's home and heard absolutely horror stories about Catholic charities of Wichita. Too many and too similar for it to all be bullshit so if they are doing it for good, they've already taught that population to be weary

  24. Oh really? I had no idea. I heard it was bad for them. Guess I should do more research!! Thank you 😊

  25. The real issue is people putting their dogs on grain-free diets when their dogs don't need grain-free food. It's just like going keto if you don't have a medical need for it and don't understand how to do it properly it'll fuck up your heart

  26. Awesome will keep that in mind! Thanks so much!

  27. It will likely be a huge culture change, you're about to learn what Midwest hospitality is. People are still busy so try to join social clubs or activities to meet people. I lve in the "Midwest" now in North East Ohio and the only thing that feels Midwestern is the weather lol.

  28. I feel weird calling both the Great Plains and the Great Lakes the same region of “The Midwest”, they have very little in common other than being flat or so. I personally consider “The Midwest” to be the Great Plains, and then the Great Lakes as a separate region

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