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  1. Lol soutar could tear those Argentines in half if he wanted to

  2. All this talk about Reyna and the dude is allergic to moving the ball forward.

  3. No disrespect but the way some of the more casual American fans phrase things during world cups is always funny to me. Some of the stuff I've seen reminds me of like Mark from Peep Show saying he was gonna put one in their goal hole haha.

  4. It's really annoying as an American who actually watches the sport too lol. I get that casuals won't know things but I just cringe so much

  5. Jesus had been invisible.

  6. Some of ours on Twitter were saying he looked injured? I haven't seen their game but is that possible he picked up a knock?

  7. Pathetic from the Uruguayan players at the end there. Diving all over the place and then have the gall to basically assault the refs lmao fuck outta here

  8. Nope that’s a misconception. It naturally forms when you’ve learned how to enjoy life 😎🤙

  9. My wife and I agreed that there seemed to have been two color blooms this year. The first one which I felt was sort of dull and dragged on, then right around Thanksgiving the rest of the trees really popped and are waning now

  10. Yeah I was noticing that last week as well. The hickories, sweetgums and poplars went at the normal time but maples and oaks seemed to hold off til after that tropical system came thru. Loved this fall!!

  11. Clearly never been to a sold out show at the orange peel.

  12. Jungle at the orange peel a few years back is still one of the best experiences I've ever had. Such good vibes at that show

  13. Peanut butter falcon is set in the swamps/waterways near the coast. Should be close at least

  14. It's like y'all don't realize the ENTIRE ball has to be completely over line. Even if it's not touching on the grass, the side of the ball can still be on top of the line

  15. No way, if you look at it birds eye view, it hadn't crossed compeltley

  16. Lukaku fucking every possible chance and then walking 5 metres offside while his team try so hard to get the ball back lol. Pathetic performance

  17. I'd be so mad if I was a Mexican lol.theyre getting in such good locations and then just shitting the bed

  18. The guy that was offside wasn't even the guy who scored wtf

  19. These apartments will be on Maynard near East Cary Middle.

  20. Good location since it's one of the few places in inner Cary that has a lot of "lower income" housing. There's also several great restaurants just down the road from there

  21. Ok maybe gio and GGG do have some actual beef. I don't get it unless he thinks this is too physical for him

  22. GGG couldn't have worn anything with a us flag or even the word America? Lol. A cold fit for sure

  23. It's kind of hard to be sure without a closer look at the leaves/bark but if I had to guess based on color and form, it looks like a kind of Japanese maple to me. Acer Palmatum

  24. One thing about CONCACAF teams they are going to out flopping like absolute bitches

  25. Says “Don’t raise your hands” while he’s literally raising his hand right in her face and scolding her like a child. Seems like he’s the aggressor here.

  26. He's literally a bully who made his career off of being an aggro prick

  27. Nope. Contrary to what the doctors on this thread's NOT cellulitis. Just a localized histamine response. Steroids and a double dose of antihistamines for me.

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