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Holy racism, Batman!

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Taliban attempts to fly US Black Hawk Helicopter

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. This drink was clearly intended for Squirtle(The protoss player)

  2. You’d think cool squirtle (the one with the sunglasses) would turtle but nope he’ll cannon rush you then smile like above

  3. Better than the note I left. I just wrote in fake blood: “do not answer when they knock” and hid it in the closet

  4. How are people still labelling everything as techno lol electronic music has been out for like 40 years now

  5. RTS games tend to enter macro metas when people figure out mechanics. If you want a faster paced game play starcraft bw/2 🤷🏿‍♀️

  6. I recently discovered California sober which is everything but alcohol lmao

  7. I’m guessing he used to do this when he was a wee pupper

  8. I feel like this mode should be called spectrum analyzer

  9. This is analyzing for the center frequency of the signal there are no spectral components shown

  10. Relative to what these producers are capable of this is mid

  11. Yea bro You should try it it’s free oxytocin from the homies.

  12. 100% this. Nautical Nellie's might have been the most disappointing meals of my life.

  13. When you finally get a chance to pilot the heli in Battlefield

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