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  1. He's light-years away from being an NFL backup quality QB. Maybe one day he can be a serviceable backup but it isn't happening soon.

  2. I thought the exact same thing yesterday. I grew up in Wisconsin and no Packers fan under the age of about 35 has had to watch their team without a HOF QB on their roster.

  3. Bro I can’t even imagine , it sucks they only got 2 rings out of that crazy run but better than nothing .

  4. I wish they had 0 with how much they whine about only having two in that time lol

  5. Never scored more than 27 in a game. 7 teams AVERAGED 26+ points per game this year. We went into Lambeau in prime time and scored 4 offensive TDs, looked like a competent offense and a suddenly really good football team and then comes Downing’s DUI and then we lost every game after that. What the hell even was this season?

  6. After that game the Titans started to get some attention from the national media saying they are possible super bowl contenders. So they got some respect and went 0-7 the rest of the way.

  7. I remember hearing that on Good Morning Football and ESPN after the game. They were 7-3 and looked really good. It all went downhill from there.

  8. Starting the off-season player acquisition bullshit early this year!

  9. It's going to be a long off season with a million posts that start with "hear me out."

  10. I know there are plenty of people like me who are overreacting because it's 11am and Downing is still employed by the Tennessee Titans. It has to happen today.

  11. Kern was our best and most consistent player for like a decade. It’s a tradition.

  12. Hopefully the Titans win but if not at least the pain and suffering of this season is over.

  13. You can lead after the first quarter and still get blown out. They did hurt themselves really bad with 3 first half turnovers. Unfortunately the defense couldn't do anything to stop Trevor Lawrence. That's the more concerning part.

  14. But if we hadn’t turn it over twice right as we were on scoring drives, that would’ve been very different. As well as the fumble basically already in the end zone. The turnovers were the reason for the loss, not TL

  15. If a Titans QB went 30/42 for 368 yards 3 TDs and no INTs we would praise his as god. I think he was a big reason for the loss. Titans just gave him opportunities and he took advantage.

  16. Classic retort to any post ever that is disliked for any reason: “You’re trying to get attention.”

  17. But he didn't get any fucks from me. Also, username checks out.

  18. I mean you’re the one who’s upset but go off I guess.

  19. Nah, I'm sitting here cuddling with my dog who doesn't feel well. This post isn't what's upsetting.

  20. Legit question, why is this the logic for tannehill, but with Willis it's just automatically "he's a bust?"

  21. Tannehill wasn't bad. Malik was historically bad. Rookie QBs will make mistakes but you hope they show flashes of brilliance. Malik didn't show any signs of hope. I'd say keep him on the roster. He could turn into an okay back up. Maybe he could completely shock everyone and become a starter someday.

  22. He was a 5th rounder that no one was excited about. He had 3 TDs and 13 INTs which is obviously terrible. I'd be thrilled if Willis could get to 3 TD passes before he reaches 13 interceptions.

  23. I never understood tanking for a better pick unless you want to trade down for more picks. There's so much luck involved. There are hundreds of examples of Player A being drafted early in the first and Player B was drafted late in the first and A was a bust and B is in the HOF. Drafting 10 spots higher guarantees nothing besides you could get more for that pick in a trade.

  24. If a million dollars falls out of the sky into my lap, I’ll be a millionaire.

  25. I was there. I moved here from Minneapolis last year so I didn't think it was bad weather wise but it was a pretty lame game experience overall. That being said I'll be back Thursday for another beating.

  26. I don't see another option. Malik can't go into next season as QB1. He should be competing for the back up job. Tannehill has an $18M cap hit if he's cut. This is the only reasonable option at this point.

  27. I've been to 8 games this year and I'll be there Thursday asking for more. I'm just happy it's meaningless so it won't be a 4th heartbreaking walk home in a row.

  28. I hope they take it. I don’t want to see this version of the titans in the playoffs.

  29. How much evidence do you need that it was a lateral? Let us have something.

  30. I just want it to be over too. I'm so happy I didn't turn down a trip to Egypt because it was during the first two rounds of the playoffs.

  31. Yep. The club level has a temperature controlled indoor area. The seats are outside but you will have an indoor area to warm up.

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