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  1. You can also get a cracked version of Parallels (since M1s don’t support bootcamp) from Rutracker….that way u can still use windows for the plugins that aren’t supported on M1. You’d just have to install a windows version of the DAW your using and use the windows plugins like u would on a normal PC.

  2. how well does this work? would the performance be good still?

  3. If there's one thing you want to plug in directly without a hub it is your interface


  5. I would love to explore a feature like that. Soundclouds search functionality is so limited at the moment

  6. yeah, i usually use Spotify so was a bit disappointed to see their discovery page is worse than Spotify which is annoying because SoundCloud literally has everything but there doesn't seem like a good way of navigating it.

  7. I’m not aware of a feature that does that, but I think they should add it. It would definitely be an easy way to get recognition and find new songs that you like.

  8. We usually book our ski trip (which is last week of January every year) around September/October. There are still early booking deals at that time. In the autumn, also check the resort’s webpage and the accomodation page for any deals on the ski pass. For example, last year we booked in October and in beginning of November the resort page had a -10% deal for the ski pass, but the accommodation had a -15% offer at the same time.

  9. oh fair that seems good. not sure where I got this idea that you need to book 10 months or so in advance

  10. Jan is cheaper than Feb as that's when the school holidays kick in. I always inquire when we come back (sadly stuck to half term, thanks kids:) but most places haven't got prices sorted yet for 2024. Other than that it doesn't really matter when you book as prices are pretty fixed.

  11. ok good to know they stay pretty fixed but I'm guessing the cheaper packages go much earlier than most. yeah, I'm pretty set on Val Thorens after some research maybe I will wait until more openings happen. do you know when most places start opening?

  12. There’s no indication of how advanced a skier you are in your post but given that this is your first trip I’d assume you’re a newb to the sport, in which case I would suggest keeping it cheap. When you’re new you won’t get as much out of the super pricey destinations because you won’t be able to ski the whole mountain.

  13. yeah i haven't done it before, that's a good point

  14. So yes, the very beginner slopes are virtually the same everywhere as long as they have snow (whether natural or man made). For the skiing’s sake there is little need to pay up for the pricier destinations and that money is better spent on lessons and additional days skiing.

  15. ok cool nice to know, and how difficult is it to progress from beginner slopes to more advanced ones for snowboarding? could i do it in the same week?

  16. Yeah I actually did what someone else on here recommended which was to use google image search, and it worked like a charm. Literally 6-7 results per item search AND they’re all like half the price RT charges. Plenty happy paying $23 for a good looking item that might have poor quality, than the $50 that I could buy an authentic version for.

  17. oh, that's actually a really good idea, i hadn't thought of that. didn't work for all products i tried but worked on a few. cheers

  18. Crap quality high volume. 90% of Instagram ads for clothes follow this model because it works.

  19. its acc not even bad quality from what I ordered, I got a hoodie and it was very good quality - heavy-weight cotton with a layer of fleece inside and embroidered design £50 is a very fair price id say

  20. Starting with major scale and its modes makes more sense to me. Then, learn pentatonic. That way, you can relate pentatonic scale with the major scale and its modes easily on the guitar fretboard.

  21. Yeah that makes a lot of sense to me, I've also heard someone say they learnt the major scale from their knowledge of Pentatonic but not too sure if its a good idea or not

  22. Broadly speaking, difficulties in planning or executing a plan would fall under

  23. thanks that's useful, i hadn't heard of executive dysfunction before i will do some research on it.

  24. You may already know, but the thing with constantly jumping focus to other possible tasks is essentially the meaning of the H (hyperactivity) in ADHD. Children are more often physically hyperactive while adults are more often mentally hyperactive. What you described is pretty typical of adult ADHD. But it certainly can be a good idea to learn more and consider the broader set of possibilities.

  25. yeah that's true I don't know a lot about ADHD but think I relate to that and some other things points ive seen about ADHD, I will do some more research.

  26. EU - Finland, I would weigh up the cost of the course and how much people are getting paid in your area. I would suggest going the traditional course route if you can because it also makes you commit by turning up every day to learn.

  27. yeah definitely agree, I'm 24 now so not too keen on going back to uni is the only thing

  28. Why not a design course that is shorter than university? 24 is really young, you are a long time working.

  29. yeah, it's definitely true, that's why I'm getting it some thought at the minute.

  30. I say something similar too. I've never known anyone in the real world who has a "niche" so to speak in this industry. I only ever hear about "finding a niche" on this sub. I always wonder why would you constrain yourself considering what we do can apply to many, many different industries using the same tools. As a professional designer anyways.

  31. yeah I kinda think this also but my curiosity to ask this question came from this video here

  32. Agencies do a wide range of things, depending on the agency.

  33. interesting, thanks for explaining that's helpful. the generalist agency seems most interesting to me. also do you u know any super niche agency i could look up their website, feel like it could be useful for me to have a look at that also

  34. Sure, BUCK is a great one I recommend, they specialize in amazing motion graphics.

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