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  1. *it is out of control(we're living in a trailer park boys wild west)

  2. I tend to think he was trying to lead by example, knowing his decision would put pressure on NB and PEI to match his plan

  3. *Tim really is @ the top of his game right now(wasn't always thus in Nova Scotia, but right now he makes the Higgs Admistration look pretty inept, lame, incompetent & worst of all apathetic, fiddling while Rome burns as it would seem)

  4. *Higgs getting his bumbling useful idiot Brucie to deliver the tawdry news only adds insult to injury

  5. *they seem to have taken a page out of Elon Musk's book (1rst they lift the Trump ban, now this)

  6. The question, to me, is whether we're living in a post-consequences age. Back when we had a reasonably stable democracy, it wasn't quite this easy to buy your way out of failure by buying politicians. Now that buying politicians is easier than ever, it's not unthinkable that we're stuck with Facebook in one form or another in perpetuity.

  7. At one time, AOL was the way to access the internet, owned the biggest web browser, and the top two instant messaging networks. They had their hands in everything and still evaporated because they couldn't innovate and were paralyzed by quarterly returns. I worked there while it was happening. From the outside, it looks like Meta is doing a very similar thing.

  8. *they're so heavy handed with their Gestapo like AI monitoring of posts & if someone could introduce the next shiny thing like Facebook did with MySpace, there would be a mass exodus out of the savagely abused(Facebook doesn't deserve all the sensible good hearted subscribers they torment with bans & suspensions day in \ day out)

  9. I subscribed to the Triangle Select program in it's invite-only trial and got my money's worth out of it and a decent amount more.

  10. Not a bad business move I'd say

  11. *I've had better success with them in replacing & upgrading purchases from Stokes & their high end appliance sales cannot be beat(they even have better games on offer like puzzles than other retailers)....and they really are the top of pops for BBQ season for price, quality & selection

  12. If this is what gets Galen Weston off TV commercials then I will consider it a win

  13. *wouldn't it be wonderful to never have to suffer his faux 'I Care About You Bullshit In The Fuzzy Sweater Schtick' again?!

  14. It 10000% is about profit. Bernard Lord is a rat faced fuck, he doesn't give two shits about healthcare actually serving and being accountable to NB'ers. He is a neoliberal piece of shit looking to cash in on guaranteed contract arrangements for tax payer money while intentionally contributing to the dismantling of public healthcare to be able to more easily acquire even more of our crumbling public healthcare services down the road. Bernard Lord is an enemy of the working class just as much as Blaine Higgs is.

  15. *totally a fan of your writing vernacular & assemblage of facts, Jim(no lies told)

  16. People are living on credit and raw living expenses are getting higher, the working class is receiving a smaller portion of the pie -which is getting bigger, btw- every year.

  17. The system is working exactly how it was designed to work. This is capitalism in all it’s glory.

  18. The owner made a quick $6 million in sales, then sold the whole thing to Discord for way more.

  19. I’m super confused by “suicide isn’t a choice”. This is coming from someone who’s suffered from major depression for 28 years, who’s tried to commit suicide twice and been hospitalized 3 different times for suicidal thoughts and depression. (I’m currently on antidepressants and doing amazing).

  20. Thank you! I’m genuinely curious how it can be seen as something other than a choice. Therapy, the right meds and actually wanting to do things differently in my life, have made all the difference, for me.

  21. *you clearly had good Dr.s like I did who walked you through your 'tools' & provisioned your meds shrewdly & wisely, Sarah(I love the Baroque Period but I wouldn't be alive today w/o twenty first century medicine)

  22. I've gone shopping at smaller grocery stores, particularly "ethnic" ones (owner operated) ... (Italian, Chinese, Korean, East/South Indian, Lebanese, etc) and produce/dry goods prices were all considerably lower than those in any big box store (Co-Op, Superstore, Safeway, Save On Foods). Why is that? Something is up.

  23. I'm always going to bring up what my old company did when COVID hit and profits looked like they might tank: cut everyone's pay by 10-15%. Every single employee.

  24. *Amurikan greed is pathetic (the ole 'Murikan Dream doesn't come cheap)

  25. I rarely play my switch anymore but will be buying something from Nintendo to support this decision

  26. These fires have been suspect for about 3 years now. When your fish plant burns down, and your other one 1.5 hours away burns down a week later, you build brand new and then sell the whole business.Yeah, it's sketchy.

  27. and so convenient ~ same tradition with the seafood takeouts in that area

  28. Not just any lady, a former councilor lol.

  29. *a cabal of former councillors, Cheryl Wood & Katherine Barnes(in tandem with her daughter) are causing this debacle ~ it reeks to high heaven(makes Moncton look backward)

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