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  1. Wong is either gonna be like Nelly and be a great pickup, or is gonna be a Chone Figgins 2.0, no inbetween

  2. I mean pretty sure getting a rookie Of the year that happen to win the MVP also…. And a roided out Boone helped carry the load.

  3. 🎶who was this fellow Ichiro? they say he’s great we didn’t know, from the land of the rising sun, mariners 2001🎶

  4. Your job is to scout patty kane and regardless of performance call Drury and tell him he’s only worth a 2nd.

  5. Go down to section 102 and get a Neon Beer Hug. Same crazy price as the rest of the beer but 9%+ ABV .... you're welcome 😂


  7. i would love this with subtitles from a person who can’t understand either of them and is trying to guess what they’re saying

  8. Brian Vickers and Jimmie Johnson, 2006 UAW-Ford 500.

  9. mediocrity? i’ll admit we’ve had a bad year but this is the first time we haven’t reached 7 wins since switching, only the first time since 2008 we aren’t in a bowl game, chill out

  10. doesn’t harvick not sign 29 stuff? correct me if i’m wrong but i swear i’ve heard this

  11. FWIW Harvick signed some two 29 diecasts for me in 2017, no problem.

  12. Hasn’t seen water since the 80’s apparently and is unlikely to ever again.

  13. I'd be curious to see how many seconds it takes to evaporate once hitting the concrete. Was at the damn in June and I wish I'd worn thicker soled shoes, the pavement on the sidewalk was so hot I had to stand in a shady spot because it was too damn hot to stand in place on for very long.

  14. i’d say it should be based on severity, the $2k fine for the incident between Dellandrea and Shesterkin should’ve been way more due to the risk of injury to Igor

  15. You're gonna have to explain your math how $5000 on $900k turns into $40 on $6M.

  16. i had been a fan from 2005ish until i fell outta touch with the sport around 2015, when i finally came back in November 2019 it was weird at first trying to learn everything since i’d only been used to the chase/early playoff format, no stages, making the cars look like modifieds when heavily damaged, etc. but it was kinda medium difficulty i’d say adjusting, as a new fan it may be easier since you don’t have to change anything you already knew

  17. Tracks exist to host races. Race teams exist to race. Spotters are required to race, and the spotters are employees or contractors of the teams, not of the tracks. If they don't like their working conditions, they can do one of two things like everyone else has to: go to their employer and ask for better conditions or take it into their own hands. At some point, you become responsible for your own well-being. Brett talks about how much money he makes all the time, why can't he use a miniscule amount to provide a more pleasant experience for himself? Sorry, but these guys think way too highly of themselves.

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