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  1. A very strange scheduling indeed! We play Thursday and then Friday! My frustration is not really with Saracens, but with Prem Rugby and whoever organised it. The A league disappeared post covid, and I don't think getting 70 put on you is great for a young players development.

  2. Yeah surprised by how strong this team is, usually Sarries field academy/younger team in the prem cup but think they're hitting the ground running this year given that they've only had 1 pre-season game and start with a bye week. Can't really blame them for that and don't think they'll field teams like this the rest of the competition but definitely bad luck for Saints to be the one to come up against them!

  3. Castore re-using the same shit design from the training kit...

  4. Quins had Adidas and Saracens had Nike but both now have Castore as their supplier

  5. Yet to see the saints away kit (Macron)but the home kit for me lacks any creativity but I guess that is in part governed by the club execs.

  6. Think Saints kit this year is a big disappointment, loved the home design last year though!

  7. Did the team never play in it? Can’t find any images online

  8. England men's team never played in it but the women's team did. I think I remember reading somewhere that Stuart Lancaster really didn't like it and refused to have the team wear it.

  9. Ahh I find it weird, a really clean kit but I guess the aversion is the stray from the typical England kits.

  10. Personally I really like the kit, think it's a shame it was never played in especially given the story behind its conception

  11. Reading through this I think I may have a problem, got at least 25 probably more than 30

  12. BBC News - Wasps ask for millions of pounds of public money

  13. That's like complaining someone only got a fine for stealing a KitKat when you got imprisoned for grand theft auto

  14. OK from someone without a horse in the race, wasn't Saracens much much higher in regards to the level of the breach of the cap?

  15. Saracens were initially deducted 75 points for salary cap breaches because of the higher amount. They were then deducted further point and automatically relegated because of a change in rules (Which Leicester voted for) that meant that a team breaking salary cap over multiple seasons is automatically relegated. Leicester themselves were breaking the cap at the time in the same way as Saracens (image rights payments) and continued to do so in the next season (Breaking the cap over 4 seasons in total). I'm sure there are Leicester fans who will happy to jump in and correct me on any of this if I'm wrong but I think that's a pretty fair summary of why some of the other premiership team's fans might feel a bit aggrieved.

  16. Slightly better videos of the incident here:

  17. Imagine going on Reddit and openly advocating child abuse...

  18. Upvoted for the dude's Lions Shirt 😂

  19. Castore are awful, it was Christmas before the club managed to stock replica kit because they misprinted the sponsor logos on all the kits.

  20. Not if the offence wasn’t as severe as Saracens.

  21. Tbh I think the hypocrisy would be worse than the offence

  22. I really, really hope you at least thought you were clean and it's more of a case of negligence. Not a good look though if it turns out Leicester voted for Sarries to be relegated knowing they also had some shady dealings, and also being one of the prime contenders to be relegated that very year.

  23. Unfortunately for Tigers the article suggests a similar situation to Saracens involving players image rights. If the allegations are true it would be very difficult for them to plead ignorance.

  24. The biggest issue is that the Salary Cap laws left a huge amount of room for interpretation.

  25. I haven't followed it very closely but what I read at the time was that Saracens had a choice between full audit of their financial records and relegation, they picked relegation.

  26. Think most clubs would do the same, at that point they'd already been handed a 105 point deduction (essentially automatic relegation anyway) and opening their books wouldn't change that so why subject themselves to an audit that would last months or even years only to delay the inevitable?

  27. Having read the report, the majority of the overspend was down to what PRL deemed to be an overvaluation of Maro Itoje's Image rights (Similar to what Tigers have allegedly done). As well as some other smaller investments with players that were deemed to be 'salary' as most of these were one offs in previous seasons it didn't have a huge affect on the squad at the time save for a few players who left rather than play in the championship (e.g. Ben Spencer). Players like Koch and Kpoku have left due to the reduced salary cap coming to effect next season as they would have both been asked to take significant pay cuts staying at Saracens.

  28. Perhaps Exeter made a deal out of Saracens because they thought they’d got away with it themselves? Or else their memories are particularly short…?

  29. Perhaps the Chiefs doth protest too much?

  30. That's not the benchmark for punishment though

  31. In the case of Saracens the punishment was a huge points deduction which effectively is the same as a automatic relegation. Previously other clubs had received fines for breaches but PRL changed the rules after Saracens Breach to be a lot harsher for clubs breaking the cap. Obviously this will be judged depending on the scale of the breach but it be fair to expect heavy punishment if the club is found to be in breach, no?

  32. All black is the traditional kit. Blue and white elements were brought in around the turn of the millennium, from what I can remember. Their 2005/6 kit was my favourite, but I'd take pretty much anything other than plain black for home and white for away at this point.

  33. Just seen the new kit and thought I'd come back here to offer you my condolences.

  34. Didn't know that! That kit is nice (just looked it up), yeah agree with you anything but plain black would be nice even if it's just a bit of blue and white trim.

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