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  1. I really want Lauren to win! Has there been a teacher winner since Bob?

  2. White dudes aren’t supposed to have dreads, but Grant and his beard were hot.

  3. Watch Australian Survivor. There's a new season and in my opinion roughly 90% of the cast is more interesting than Cody. Or anyone from the past few seasons.

  4. Man, that dude really grew on me. At first he seemed like a lot but by the end I was freaking rooting for him! I was so mad when he got voted off but that was a pretty epic blindside.

  5. Tony's super idol, Sarah's legacy advantage, literally everything that Ben got, Chris' EoE idol, Maryanne's Extra Vote, honestly I could go on and on

  6. I feel like idols are often more “fair and square.” Some people just have a legit knack for finding them. But the other advantages can be so random. And yeah, you have to play them right, but other times it’s a crap shoot. So sometimes it feels like luck. Which, I wonder, what percentage do people feel like luck is a factor in doing well on survivor? And should someone always take an advantage or is it sometimes more prudent to pass on it?

  7. I never claimed any of their finds to be fair or not, nor did I disregard their games due to any of it. I just simply find that all of those player's had major moves as a direct result of advantages. Whether you consider them to be legit or not, rigged or not, or even good gameplay is entirely up to your persuasion. Survivor, inherently, is unfair. It's a social experiment of life, which is also inherently unfair. I'd say a huge percentage of people feel like is a factor on Survivor. Every winner has gone on record saying that they got lucky, and almost every major player with the exception of maybe Russell has agreed with this statement, that lucky plays a major part in the game of Survivor and I would say the majority of a players game comes down to sheer luck.

  8. Really makes you wanna go easy on the players who get voted out early.

  9. Depends on the weather. Like actually. Imagine her in a cyclone. Or even just some bad rain.

  10. That does echo some of the previous themes if you think about it. Would they go kitschy like that again?

  11. I've only rewatched Samoa once since it aired, but when you're looking for Natalie's moves, she definitely has them. When it first aired Russell sucked all the air out of the room, which was entertaining, but while he was making big moves and enemies, she was positioning herself well with the jury.

  12. 💯 rewatched that one too, not sure if Russell would have done as well without her either, so that works both ways, buddy

  13. Watching a second time around I notice her a lot more because I was looking for her. It’s a great second watch season.

  14. That’s how I feel about Michele. I loved her on WAW and then when I rewatched Kaoh Rang I watched her more closely and realized how savvy she is.

  15. Amber has been robbed. At least four times

  16. I think they’re using the name Rob as a verb here. Like, you’ve been Gablered, but in this case, Amber has been Robbed. I’m also assuming that to be “Robbed”, if you’re Amber, has a more intimate meaning, given their four kids. You basically got it, I’m just spelling out my interpretation.

  17. This would be more true if not for Tony’s epic gameplay

  18. A Survivor: Celebrity edition will draw ratings and perhaps make the show CBS’ darling again.

  19. Personally I think it was the right move and don’t discount the difference between 19 and 22. Neuroscience says the brain is pretty much done developing at 22 or 23, which along with other factors, is a pretty good marker for maturity. There’s a decent article from The Atlantic about this:

  20. Caleb Bankston was always someone I thought who played it extremely chill

  21. He really was such a doll. What a gut punch to hear he met a tragic end 💔

  22. What toxic male ego? Or are we just assigning stereotypes to broad groups of people?

  23. Punching someone because you’re hurt or embarrassed is a pretty classic example of toxic masculinity. Sorry you’re uncomfortable with the term.

  24. I do think he’s mad because he knows they fucked up and takes it out on Colton. He tries to keep up with the times, but he’s an old school dude.

  25. People call Jeremy overrated on this sub a lot. But his Cambodia game was a masterclass on how to win Survivor.

  26. Yes! And while I agree with every comment about his stunning gameplay, my fave Jeremy moment was when it’s his turn for his family to come out during WAW and he yells, “LET’S GO!!” Could not have endeared him more.

  27. Wrong answers only: these three are on Season 50. What's the theme?

  28. Redemption Island 2.0- Boston Rob + an island of sycophants vs Jonathan who hilariously thinks he can win. Still watchable because Rob’s been working out and he’s a stone cold silver fox. Not sure what Mike does…

  29. If you don’t like Kim, One World becomes a legitimate snoozer post-merge.

  30. I agree it was boring, however I did enjoy watching Kim. Do you think they knew how much better she’d be than everyone? Almost as bad as putting Rob up against the contestants in Nicaragua.

  31. people who need the money, I feel like a lot of players now dont like, 100% need it. sure, they can use it, but for example, Rupert, he plays to get the money. I want people fighting to get to the end not to win the game but to win the money.

  32. Can someone explain to me why it’s still only a million dollar prize? That will barely buy you a house in many places. It’s not life changing like it was twenty years ago.

  33. who remembers this classic Peak of Amazingness from Jeff: "Who here is getting a free ride?"

  34. Do you guys think anyone from Survivor ever reads these threads?

  35. I thought we’d see more of Brenda in Nicaragua. She was the only one who came back though.

  36. Yup. This one. More “disgusting” than “dirty” though.

  37. Black Phone was painfully stupid, but Nope is excellent filmmaking. Takes a minute to get going, but is then action packed and super original. Nope and Prey are my favorite movies of the year so far.

  38. What are your guys’ thoughts for on The Empty Man? Did anyone think it was good?

  39. I was cool with this movie. It’s easy enough to suspend disbelief in service of the allegorical elements. I liked the way Joe’s death was revealed. Devon Sawa was fun to watch. My biggest criticism is that I think it would have been cool if they showed flashes of what Lou had done to Renee. Just enough that it felt more satisfying and slightly less disturbing to watch Anne skin his face off.

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