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  1. If you are able to use the second hand market, look up 6900xt or a 6950xt. They usually go for veey cheap. But your pc is already very good imo.

  2. Wait for the official specs to be announced. There will be Starfield Direct on June 11th, likely they will announced it.

  3. Yea, Cyberbunk I can play at mostly 60 (more like 58-60 at the toughest parts) with optimized settings. But it’s 60 mostly everywhere else. Optimized I think it’s a mix of medium and high

  4. The other weird thing is how a shambling zombie can stealth up to you through the leaf litter and get the drop on you no matter how high your passive perception is, I think that ability is called "plot stealth" I'm not sure tho

  5. A bit late, but I’d imagine if the survivor has spent nearly a decade shooting handguns and rifles without hearing protection, their ears are bad enough to make it likely missing the grunting of a nearby walker

  6. With Umbreon as base, you probably wanna get to play a stall team that can heal itself up via moves while dealing passive damage. To compliment Umbreon (who should probably run a toxic/foul play/wish/protect moveset), I also see a grass type Pokémon with leech seed and sleep spores (Venusaur and Amongus make excellent choices, as they are also poison type so they could put pressure on fairy types and have healing moves as well) and your last Pokémon should be something that can counter fighting types. Top of my head Chandelure would be really nice, as it knows Will-O-Wisp (to halve attack for physical attackers) and if I remember correctly it also learns perish song. If you wanna go with the healing-self theme, Arcanine learns both Will-O-Wisp and Morning sun, as well as extreme speed, which is a nice bonus as it outspeeds everything. A psychic Pokémon might also do well here, it may even allow to set up barriers and light screens to further reduce incoming damage while chipping your enemies down. Overall, if Umbreon is your ace, your other two team members should focus on complimenting it's strength, which are bulk, self sustenance, and disabling the enemy's strength

  7. Osage orange is exceptional in strength and not too exotic. There's probably slightly better ones but many of them are kind of hard to get or semi illegal.

  8. Guaiacum has a very high tensile strength.

  9. Ah, so the higher the tensile strength of a wood the less likely it is to splinter, crack or break under that kind of design?

  10. I doubt you can do so. The WB account is linked to the game itself, you'd probably have to own a second copy under a second steam account to do it.

  11. Ah alright. I suppose she can just match it in game to her profile is she so chooses

  12. Although I see your point. Balancing would be pretty simple. For increased damage, you have longer cooldowns. For shorter cooldowns, you have less damage. And the third is the balanced of the two

  13. True, there would be spreadsheets made over analyzing the pros and cons of each, until a definite best path was determined. Then most people would play the best path.

  14. So the Nvidia Equivalent of your AMD card is a RTX 3070? I can play 4K 60 high-medium settings with RT off on a 2080.

  15. Thank you. I know dlss is not an option on Radeon. Perhaps it may be best to get it on ps5 for now just to play it, then wait until year or so goes by and get it on PC hopefully at a lower price when cheaper options in the gpu area far outclass mine.

  16. Gotcha. Is the ps5 running it stable at 4K? I wasn’t sure if the 6700 XT would do 4K 60 at medium.

  17. Honestly the Hyuga clan doesn't really need much more to become beasts. People talk all the time about how deadly a hyguga trained like Lee would've been. But all I'd really add for them is something like the (not canonical) defense palms. A Hyuga who could block a couple clones with Rasengan or an antsy teen with a lightning bolt in his hand would've been a tough person to fight although tbh...

  18. Although I do agree with your sentiment for the first part of the series, I feel like the argument for Hyuga strength fell off as soon as Shippuden came about. In comparison to the best of other clans like the Uchiha, the Akatsuki, and even mostly unnamed clans, the best of the Hyuga had a very poor showing. Whereas some had lightning chakra mode, MS and Susanoo, Wood Release, Iron Sand and hundreds of Puppets, Exploding Clay etc.. the Hyuga seemed lackluster.

  19. That's true, at the high end they don't really have anything super OP. I think if they became taijutsu users on par with people like Rock Lee and Might Guy (though not 8 gates users) + the twin lions fist + defensive verison of the eight trigrams they might be able to stand up there at least.

  20. I’m actually curious since you mentioned it a couple of times. How would you design or visualize a defensive version of the Eight Tigrams?

  21. Why do you even have it installed though? I’ve used windows defender / security since windows 7 and have never had any instances of malware / adware / viruses.

  22. Are you set on the Air 5 or 10th Gen? As you mentioned social media, Netflix, and taking it on trips have you considered the Mini 6? As you already have a MacBook Air you might not find the larger iPads different enough. I have a Mini 6 and find myself taking it everywhere with me and it’s perfect for scrolling through social media while sitting on the couch. It’s my first iPad and I love it.

  23. I did consider it, though I know my spouse would have conflicting feelings of it’s small size in regards to the size of our phones the Pro Max. I’m not sure the kind of phone you have, but it seems you’re still enjoying the use of the Mini regardless?

  24. I mean, to be fair. In fallout 4, half of bethesda’s bugs closed down the game, and made you lose a ton of progress.

  25. I don't think it's considered the best but my teams for Scarlet and Violet will be Skeledirge, Lokix, Garganacl, Farigiraf, Tinkaton, and Cetitan for Scarlet and Quaquaval, Clodsire, Arboliva, Kilowattrel, Revarvroom, and Ceruledge for Violet

  26. Ah very interesting. Do you have a reason besides looks for Kilowattrel over Pawmot?

  27. That’s actually surprisingly wholesome. Thank you. It would make sense. Realistically not most would become champions. Maybe there’s like a rapid technical schools for former trainers that want to pursue more common adult jobs after their adventures end.

  28. I mean, there’s plenty of people who have multiple pets and are doing just fine off whatever income they get from whatever job they have. Other jobs would exist in the Pokémon universe, it’s not like it’s “professor, trainer, or bum.” And I bet having Pokémon can help in many careers to boot.

  29. I can see a Machoke or Ursaring being helpful for build or construction sites.

  30. SIG fanboys in here gonna downvote that real quick. Not near as bad as the Taurus video, but the P320 ABSOLUTELY will fire if you drop it on the slide. No amount of plugging your ears and clicking the down arrow will change that fact.

  31. I have a P320 compact from 2016. If I want to keep the gun, is there something I could ask a gunsmith to look into to try and avoid that from happening to mine?

  32. If your SIG has the ‘old’ trigger (bit fatter than the new trigger) you can do the voluntary recall they have going on (indefinitely). You send your 320 to SIG and they install the new trigger and machine a pocket in the slide for a new disconnecter they install in the trigger module - all free of charge, although I’m sure you need to pay for shipping there.

  33. Thank you! I’ll look into the recall to see how I can get that started. Yea I do have a fatter curved trigger

  34. Started carrying 5 years ago. Here's my progression.

  35. How much of a difference in comfort have you noticed between carrying with and without the light attachment?

  36. Yeah and if you miss and just hit his truck, he would get to casually lean into your window and mag dump into you.

  37. So what would you have done? If you swerve and leave, what stops them from looking or taking a picture of your license plate and finding you or your loved ones later?

  38. Thank you so much for the detailed response. I confess part of the appeal for the wrangler is that it’s a revolver and just looks plain nice. Possibly I feel like the capacity restriction may be a plus in this case.

  39. Have the Wrangler and love it. Keeps my skills up with cheap ammo. Also the gun I reach for every time someone wants to learn to shoot a handgun. Plus, easier to deal with misfires than a semi auto gun imo

  40. Thanks! I do think it looks great, and the fact that it limits you in capacity might make one more mindful of shot placing. The black one looks great.

  41. For real. Went to my local Honda dealer just to see what was available. They had just sold a Civic Si with a $5K-$6K adjusted market value.

  42. What do you want in a goldendoodle that you can’t get in a poodle?

  43. Mostly the golden retriever part my spouse really wanted but couldn’t justify due to the shedding.

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