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  1. no i never have but up until this season I haven't had a reason to for the past 14. Always full on basketball mode at this time.

  2. Kansas top 10? Did we all smoke crack over the weekend and miss Saturday?

  3. Ya the fact we've lost 4 of our last 6 and are still top 10 is insane

  4. Another top 10 matchup in AFH where Kansas is the lower ranked team, and second in a row. I wonder when the last time that happened was? It's a must win for us tonight.

  5. I don't doubt the possibility of their being a recession (I personally expect it). However, I think we've talked so much about a recession that the economy is going to scare itself into one.

  6. Like how he said “partner in business” then “life.” Priorities, man.

  7. Not only that, he mentioned his baby AFTER simping for his company and a t-shirt

  8. A solid head board would match your night stands much more nicely

  9. Went to investigate KU and the only other one besides Kansas is Kean University, which is DIII. However, it appears UK is unique to Kentucky.

  10. Our logos are also very similar. I think Kutztown was first and KU tried to sue them to not use it, but then it was proven they were second. I think? Maybe that was just a rumor.


  12. Alaskans for Honest Elections Now Collecting Signatures to Rid State of Ranked-Choice Voting

  13. oh my god the link in that tweet is so fucking sensationalist

  14. I read "Kansas Football Drowns 6 Year Old"

  15. They only start Mahomes bc Henne would beat every team so bad nobody would watch

  16. KSU would have to beat us twice a year, every year, for over 50 straight years just to tie the series.

  17. Wtf kind of double box is this? Stop that shit it’s super disorienting.

  18. How do other fans feel about the Rock Chalk chant

  19. Generally they’ve found it creepy. Which is great. That’s the point.

  20. Big 12 saw how well KU did last year and decided "hmmm nah we can't be havin' that again."

  21. yeah pretty brutal for you guys....what's your recruiting class like for 2023?

  22. i'm not sure but we've finally hit the max scholarship limit after 10 years so it's probably the best it's been in a very long time. We're also returning almost all of our starting lines.

  23. We'll see what Season 3 sets up, but man I would've watched a Rios-led Stargazer show based off the Season 2 premiere episode alone.

  24. I still think S3 should've been set on the Stargazer. There was no need to create a Titan-A when we've seen it on screen in literally one episode of Lower Decks.

  25. I saw a bunch last night switch to Chiefs flair and say shit like “As a Chiefs fan I have to admit that this game was obviously rigged by the refs.”

  26. oh great, so now they're trying to shift the narrative to "even KC fans know they shouldn't be in the Super Bowl" to cope

  27. Have a look at their sub. It's full of "I'm done with the NFL" and "fuck the Chiefs" / "fuck the refs" crying. I'm seriously surprised they are acting like such fucking babies. Or not I guess, considering how much smack they were slinging in the past week. Wah wah.

  28. They're also complaining that the refs are the reason why they lost the Super Bowl last year too. Sounds like they're blaming everyone except themselves for losing.

  29. Why would you not pass the ball to the hot man scoring with ease? Have you seen how bad Gradey has looked the last few weeks? Someone on the team has to take jump shots and Jalen has been on fire and efficient. This hasn’t been forced offense, everyone else has just been cold

  30. Because you can’t win a game with one person scoring? I'm not arguing that players shouldn't, I'm trying to say that one person alone can't score enough to win a game at the expense of everyone else

  31. Five years after the breakup with Papa John. I wish they could’ve worked Cardinal Stadium into the name.

  32. L&N Federal Credit Union Cardinal Stadium would've been too long.

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