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  1. I'm going to echo what a lot of people are going to say. You can't stop this from happening, at least not in the direct and forceful sense, and trying to stop her is just going to make her want to hide it better and be less emotionally honest with you.

  2. I think when we're in our darkest times groups like these can be a comfort, but as you grow it's time to leave it behind, take a step back, and to move forward. I'm proud of you for reaching this stage of your journey.

  3. Sounds like your responses are less about him and more about you.

  4. You've been together a month and she had sex with you. That's her choice. You don't owe anyone eternity, especially after a month.

  5. its not normal imo. could be you're gay, asexual, or have a partner already but just a single regular guy surrounding himself with female friends is just divergent. At least more so you get older. Im anti-social myself though so thats just based on the normal guys I see regularly. Most guys on this

  6. I have neruodivergent and neurotypical friends. Honestly, some men just want sex but genuinely you are the one here with skewed views. I have a number of male and female friends and a lot of the men I spend time with are in a similar boat, not because we secretly want to sleep with them but because we enjoy spending time with them and value them as people.

  7. ya. i get that. ì was surprised to find so many neurodivergent, autistic types complaining about difficulties with interpersonal stuff actually had friends and romantic relationships. they just had difficulties with the interpersonal stuff in the relationship. i don't find many on here that actually struggle or don't want friendships generally. I state things in absolute terms compulsively but I do know that not all guys are like that. getting myself into these comvos and the embarrassing walk back is one of many reasons i don't socialize anymore. harder on the emotions when it's in person.

  8. Oh sorry for the interpretation, I thought it was a generalisation and admit my view was filtered through having seen a few people with Incel ideology here.

  9. I don't know your life well enough to advise so instead I'll share my policy and why.

  10. My own son when we were talking said mom's are a failure but I know he's like major asd high functioning.... and it's not true. NO ONE IS A FAILURE

  11. I get what you're trying to say but it's simply not true. Lots of people are failures. There are so many people out there who never wrestle with their demons, never try to do better, never strive for more. People who drink themselves to death, people who hurt their children, people who flit in and out of prison. These people are absolutely failures and pretending that everyone is good, everyone is a success simply isn't true.

  12. The sand is what really gets me personally, but if the ocean smells bad I hate it too. My family used to go to the beach all the time when we lived nearby and I hated it but I just never said it because I thought it was normal. Now, I'm going to ask the school if I can just not go to the beach anymore for sensory reasons

  13. For me it's the sand. I like walking on wet (hard) sand but hate the falling through it and soft sand gets everywhere.

  14. You're assuming I organise them. I just let them sit where they install. A friend of mine recently got fed up and put my most used apps on my home page.

  15. People have been telling me for years to be quieter. Eventually I learned to do so. These days I only get loud with strong emotion (positive or negative).

  16. This is why if you're going to count I prefer the idea of counting the number of days you didn't versus those you did, and if that ratio is increasing you're succeeding. Streaks can very much lead to: "Well I've broken it now, it'll be so long until I can get it back"

  17. This might end up being a bit jumbled for forgive me. It's going to be a mix of personal experience and commenting on stuff you've written.

  18. I find it interesting how many of us use computer analogies. I refer to it as I have none of the normal hardward for social interaction, and that I'm constantly running off software to compensate.

  19. People with the same flaws can often feed those in each other. If one person recovers and the other doesn't it can create that negative spiral.

  20. Most of the time if you loudly (so the whole theatre hears) tell them to stfu, that’s the end of it. They will stare at you; stare back with no remorse. They will fold 9/10 times.

  21. Can confirm. Last time I did this the girls were so embarrassed they left the movie and didnt come back.

  22. I zoom out and look at the whole face, so it looks like I'm making eye contact, I'm just not focusing on specifically the eyeballs. I highly recommend it to anyone that can pull it off.

  23. Downvoted. I strongly agree that it's a nifty idea, but I don't think it will change the world in the way some expect it to, at least not for a long time. I am expecting VR Second Life, The Sims, or Habbo rather than anything truly revolutionary.

  24. You’re supposed to upvote unpopular opinions. Only downvote a post if you agree with it

  25. I know. I agree with the title and a lot of the thoughts but disagree that we are going to see it anytime soon in a meaningful fashion. Perhaps I could have been clearer.

  26. Because the tone, art style etc. point far more to the mentality of: "Neurodivergent people are difficult" than a social commentary about faking diagnoses.

  27. I cant see how the art style has anything to do with the message.

  28. I mean there is a large number of these types of comics saying the same thing, and the wider social context suggests a particular message on top of just...I honestly just feel like it's very obvious.

  29. Reasonably normal. People do weird things when they're alone. You might be ADHD, might not, but don't worry too much about little things and being normal. There's nothing wrong with being abnormal or with being normal.

  30. As others have said communication style. I find it takes significantly less mental effort talking to other people on the spectrum. Masking doesn't apply the same so the friendship comes more naturally.

  31. It would be hard to look at my communication style objectively myself, but I can kinda see times when my friends on the spectrum seemed like they had an easy time talking to me early on in our friendship. I haven't looked too much into masking but I don't think I've ever caught myself trying to mask a symptom of autism, but I think if I tried, I wouldn't really be able to differentiate between masking symptoms of autism or symptoms of trauma that I have experienced because it seems like there's a fair bit of overlap in some of the things I struggle with as a result of my childhood.

  32. I think the term masking can limit what people think. For me for example I struggle to read body language, so I learned how and now actively examine people. Doing that, something that doesn't come naturally but I now do constantly is part of masking. It's not something you necessarily actively do or can even take off. It's not like I talk to an autistic person and just choose to stop trying, I just find them easier to understand and I know they're less likely to look for hidden meaning in what I say.

  33. You are not a caregiver and this is not your responsibility. You cannot allow your life to revolve around him if it inhibits your own. It is tragic, and not his fault, but you are not the villain for taking a step back.

  34. So part of your problem is probably being next to an insurgent zone starting. Being next to a stable zone increases supporters and being next to a hostile zone increases hostile pops. On the later maps where you put your HQ is very important.

  35. Have they told you why they have issues? If that many friends groups independently have had issues maybe there are things you need to work on.

  36. I was going to call them out but reading their post history is genuinely quite tragic.

  37. That I have control over my own life and the things that happen to me.t

  38. I have a very strict routine for my food. That said on weekends I often forget to eat.

  39. I distance myself because autistic is already considered a dirty word. I've worked very hard to learn social skills and be where I am. I do not face the same issues, and it would be disingenuous for me to pretend otherwise.

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