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  1. It’s all around better if you use pads. If you’re a virgin then that could be why. Even not being a virgin it’s still uncomfortable.

  2. I wrote in the post that my hymen isnt the issue, it goes past my hymen, it doesnt go deep enough. And the size of a tampon is supposed to fit even if someone is a virgin.

  3. I have a titled uterus and my canal I was told is at an angle just like how men can be curved…so that’s why it’s uncomfortable for me. Never any issues other than that medically. I was always told pads were better…less likely to cause female issues. So I’ve stuck with pads. Never had a problem. I’m 40…not a young woman neither. What is with the down vote just because you giving the same advice a doctor has given you…goodness🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Roundabouts are fairly new to this area 😆 give them time and they might learn…I’m sure they are part of the don’t know how to merge onto highways group.

  5. Yes…I look at it like this. It’s ok to have a high calorie treat on days when I’m most active. On days when I’m not…I opt for better choices.

  6. I have a pretty high degree and I’ve been married once, and now in a partnership for 10+ years. It was never an issue in my relationships. Sure I have my days where I’m down about it or it’s bugging me cause I’m in pain but I try to push past that and not let it affect who I am as a person.

  7. That’s encouraging to hear. Happy that you found love. Hope I can find love too like you

  8. It can happen…it’s not about the outside you…more the inside. You have to be happy with who you are though or else it can be tough to be loved in the first place. Growing up they always told me and my mom to just treat my scoliosis like I’m just like every other kid…so I did just that. Most people wouldn’t even know until I took my shirt off and went swimming.

  9. Sucks getting old…my grandma looked like Cate Blanchett when she was younger and now in her 90’s you’d never know.

  10. It’s a big fear of mine, not that I’m that good looking now but gosh what does that mean for when I’m older?

  11. I’ll be 40 this year and the only advice I can give is to make sure to exercise and stay active and that can even be something easy like walking an hour each day…wear spf daily if you’re in the sun every day…and of course eat well. It really starts hitting you when you hit 40. I see old people and now understand why they can get so slow. Personally, I just don’t think we were meant to live this long.

  12. Curly hair…when wet, try mousse and a small bit of gel…that will hold the locks.

  13. My daughters first day in kindergarten, she fell asleep on the bus and the driver didn’t even see her. We waited at the stop…nothing. Called the school…nothing. Called the bus compound and finally they realized she was there and asleep. Talk about pissed. I drove her the rest of the time.

  14. Word of mouth…if people are happy with the service they will share. Maybe local Facebook group advertising for your city, Nextdoor, Google business page, Door to door flyers if all else fails with pricing and work you do.

  15. Gonna second the pillow…ever tried a memory foam or latex pillow? The are great for neck support.

  16. Tell them to fix the dishwasher or you will with hold rent till it’s fixed. Usually they have 7 days to respond. That will generally make them get it done.

  17. The fruit flies would be your fault and the dishwasher won't terminate your lease, unless they let you out of the lease willingly or there is some odd clause in your lease then you won't be able to get out for free.

  18. Don’t leave coffee out over night or in the pot after you make it…they love coffee. We had a huge fruit fly problem and it seemed to follow us no matter where we lived but figured out it was the coffee.

  19. Take it back to the dealer and have them fix it…that’s not supposed to be like that.

  20. Kiss him while you can cause one day that will be gone…who cares what anyone else thinks

  21. Yes there are still box springs…you can buy them as a set if you’re on the hunt for a new bed.


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