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  1. Not a hit or miss just a miss. But no matter how much i love Mac's music.. he's not better than Eminem overall. Those first 3 albums are classics. And the MMLP is one of the best rap albums ever.

  2. I think there’s still some quality in em’s newer stuff. You at least have to admit that mmlp2 is good, if still not a classic like those first three.

  3. “Why doesn’t the nba” is unironically a good question. I don’t understand why everyone in real life wants nothing to do with him but the nba just acts like nothing ever happened

  4. Haven't seen a RINO ping in a long time, not much since peacock Shah 🤔

  5. Still better than the people that reply to their own comment to argue with themselves like that hasn’t been done a billion times before

  6. You missed a great opportunity to argue with yourself

  7. What is that used after? I remember thinking it was used incredibly but I can’t remember now

  8. I didn’t have anything so I’m stealing my roommate’s coors light. I might need a few more by the looks of things

  9. What metric are these rankings using? I’m not upset but I feel like I usually see the reds from like 8-13 on these lists

  10. 2 seeds are the heavy hitters here. I think it’s a Story Topper vs Drunk Too Quick final

  11. Not nearly enough people taking about drunk too quick. Can’t stand when some drunk idiot decides to put their arm around me when I’m like 3 beers in.

  12. It probably should’ve been “too drunk for the situation” guy

  13. Yeah that would’ve been more appropriate. I don’t really care if everyone is going hard and someone just slips up and passes out, but the dude that thinks it’s endearing to become the center of attention by getting blacked out during a more casual setting is the WOAT

  14. Ahh probably not that. I think I actually would enjoy it if he wrote some of the prequels rj was planning.

  15. Lol I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. There’s a few Cavs fans but other than that pretty much anyone that follows the nba is just a generic lebron fan. I didn’t really care before but now they’re all lakers fans and it drives me nuts.

  16. GKMC is probably his most accessible album, so I’d start there. Even if you don’t love the music immediately, the story is really really fun and interesting.

  17. This but I want him to be revealed as an immortal, skin-stealing vampire.

  18. That really sucks because I love Reds fans 😭 GA ballpark is always so much fun and the fans there are really nice. Sorry you had a bad experience with Cubs fans mate

  19. Ahhh I feel bad now. Honestly I don’t hate like any cubs fans in particular but it just drives me crazy that GA will be literally like 50/50 when we play. Growing up, this was always ok because you guys tended to be one the few teams worse than us, but then you guys got good and won a World Series and I just got really resentful haha.

  20. Cardinals fans are class in my experience as a Brewers fan. Cubs fans are devolved and stupid as fuck lol

  21. Mike was always a great guy… but now you add in the Katie piece. I think he’s having a moment!

  22. Keith Hernandez! Tony’s character was a little over the top. You have to choose to buy into his being cool to go along with the story imo, while Keith Hernandez ACTUALLY acts cool on screen.

  23. This is what he gets for scoring the first one better than MBDTF

  24. I don’t know how I forgot the “Anthony rated lil pump equal to damn” dialogue

  25. I can’t wait for another preseason top 5 ranking only to lose our first 3 games against power 6 teams

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