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  1. i have her right now on my island! shes the best🥰

  2. Oh, that's because she was one of my starter villagers, so she has the starter house!

  3. Just FYI, I believe in the pic, they used the item "fence" to create the gate look. Also, the simple panels might leave a little gap at the top of the point, if that will bother you. Happy building!

  4. I noticed that, thank you! 😊 in my case, there’s a cliff right behind the gate, so I separated it just a little bit enough to be able to place simple panels there, as they don’t take much space

  5. Here are some designs that could work! There's a pretty good selection so maybe one of these would look the most cohesive.

  6. Hi! I have some DIY and a lot of resources, furniture, clothes, also all fruits and veggies, DM me and I’ll answer tomorrow 😊

  7. I played for a really long time, reached +500 hours but I ended up losing interest shortly after I restarted my island. I started playing again after a whole year and I’m enjoying the game like the first day!

  8. I restarted mine because I learned a lot about decorating and terraforming and 1) I would've had to change the whole island in order to do what I had in mind, so restarting would take less time, and 2) I didn't like my Resident Services location.

  9. Hi! I'm currently building a cafeteria, and I'm looking for these DIY. If you don't have the DIY itself, I'd gladly give the materials needed to craft them (and bells if u want):

  10. Someone gave them to me already, thanks! ^^

  11. Hi! Can you please ensure that your graphic drivers are all up to date using this

  12. I did both things, I updated my graphic drivers and I changed the graphics setting, but it didn't solve the problem.

  13. Thanks, this is the ticket number: #1690696

  14. Command Codes? You can attach those to Servant's Cards to give that Card a bonus effect. The better ones are mostly given as Event Rewards, and you need Code Openers to unlock the card first. (There's a few in the Mana Prism shop, as well as Events.)

  15. Oh okay!! So I should save those to use it on servant’s skills that I use, right?

  16. Hi! I'm looking for gacha recommendations. I've only really played Genshin Impact (for ~1 year) and Tower of Fantasy. I grew tired of Genshin's monotony because I felt like I only played for doing dailies, but I absolutely love the story quests, the lore and the characters. ToF story is kinda awful, thoI like that it has a lot more content variety than Genshin does. Now, I'd like to try a new gacha, it doesn't have to be similar to those two I've played but I'd enjoy great character designs, and I'd want it to feel rewarding, not very hard to get new characters. I also tried Dislyte and I didn't enjoy it much, it bored me after a week. And I don't like chibi characters that much either.

  17. Hi! Will the new Japanese album be sold in any online European store? I know the store from which I buy all my albums didn’t sell the first JP album, so I don’t know if I can buy it somewhere else or not

  18. Not sure about EU stores yet, but many Japanese store do international delivery.

  19. I actually love the last photo. The length, cut, color, and bangs is a yes for me

  20. Thanks! I dyed my hair in a rosegold color, on the second photo it still looks a bit rosegold but I'm blonder now, as in the third photo. I like it better now because the rosegold turned into a copper color before going blonder and I think it doesn't suit me that well...

  21. Your bone structure looks more prominent and flattering in the 2nd picture. With the long hair, it looks unhealthy at the ends and sort of blocks off your face. If you ever decide to grow it out again, try trimming it regularly to keep the ends blunt/healthy, and maybe add layers and side bangs for movement and to look more put together.

  22. Thanks a lot for this comment! I appreciate a more elaborated advice on my long hair and I will definitely keep in mind what you've told me if I decide to grow it out again :)

  23. It looks so cozy! Do you have the code for the curtains?

  24. Hi! Can someone help me catalog these items: medieval building side, castle wall and castle gate? I've been trying to get them in the dlc but nothing yet and I need lots of them for my island

  25. I have all the items! Please send me a dm repeating what you would like to catalogue, thanks!

  26. "Not everything's a lesson, Ryan, sometimes you just fail", from The Office. That quote really stuck with me.

  27. One of my favorite places is this one tiny beach in the south of Spain, near where I live!

  28. Yes I have one I don’t actually know what it’s called but it’s the one without the head and it has wings…?

  29. Thank you so much, I've been wanting him since forever ;-;

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