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  1. That's too bad, they had some really incredible Edelgard drawings if one can could look past the explicit Dimigard content

  2. Amyr moves like any other relic. It comes from Nabatean remains. You say I’m making up lore and then ignore the obvious visual clue.

  3. Okay, I'll keep entertaining you because I'm weak and it's funny. I'm not taking this seriously, because you're just, at least in those last comment, not capable of actually handling my point and the rhetoric you're showing here is very flawed. There's no real ground for discussion.

  4. Lysithea got the crest through the experiment, so it's not a sign they're related

  5. Don't know if this counts but Cyril in VW. I really like his supports with all of the Golden Deer, and he contributes a lot to the route itself as well. Similarly, Caspar in AM. A bit of a headcanon of mine is that Caspar actually grew up with Mercedes and Emile (their territories are right next to each other) and, therefore, has a more personal connection to them. Also, I think Caspar could have had a lot of story potential with what happened with his uncle. Overall, I see Caspar as being a kind of honorary Blue Lion, Similarly to how Lysithea is more or less an honorary Black Eagle.

  6. Lysithea don't care about nobility, she plans to abandon it. So while she care about the Alliance, she definitely has ground to leave, especially if it involves Edelgard.

  7. That's where I disagree. I don't think it's necessarily a good example.

  8. It is tho MByleth gets way less art in general you can't even post MByleth without FByleth on the Byleth reddit ffs

  9. Noooo Byleth what happened to you, why do you have white hair

  10. she/they edelgard my beloved 😁 the flame emperor in particular has soooo much gnc swag

  11. This!! Also how she decide to wear her short when every other female uniform has a skirt or when she call herself Emperor instead of Empress

  12. • Trans ( FtM ) Aro-Ace or Butch Lesbian because Ingrid in canon hold so many little elements that just fit so well, between "her" difficulty with finding a husband, how "she' doesn't traditionally fit feminity, how "she" seems very closeted... Tragically I don't think that "she" would get out of the closet in many endings :[

  13. Polite disagree on one point. I found the Golden Deer and Silver Snow routes were better for answering questions about what has been in the background the whole time. The Black Eagles, for me, was more about subverting the traditional roles of Fire Emblem character beats, whereas Blue Lions felt to be the closest to a 'normal' Fire Emblem story.

  14. Silver Snow is included since we're speaking of the Black Eagles route

  15. In my experience, when talking about Silver Snow, people tend to refer to that as the Church route. However, I will acknowledge that may not be the case for everyone.

  16. Your best bet would probably be to use him as a tanky dancer

  17. Alright alright, my bad. You're the one who comes for my throat every time i mention Edelgard in this sub though, I didn't ask for conversation with you to start with, friendly or otherwise. Like I'll say something less than flattering about her, or make some joke probably involving game mechanics or some silly plot contrivance, and you'll come out of the aether (good ability by the way, wish it was in this game) to be like "how dare you bring discourse into this place of fun and positivity, i bet you want Edelgard to get r*ped and die like all those other fic writers" and like. No. Way to jump to conclusions and project your own issues onto a stranger on the internet though.

  18. I think we find ourselves at a fundamental disagreement. You say you want equity but seem hellbent on laying blame on all men. What is fair and impartial about laying blame on even the innocents? You can't in my mind have a fair and impartial society without fundamental equality, nor does equality exclude specialised help for demographics as long as it's in the intrests of getting equality in the long run.

  19. Then we are fundamentally in agreement. But it does come back to the heart of the argument. Why is it morally okay to make sweeping generalisations about one group vs the other?

  20. I'm sorry, I don't think I can continue this argument. It's getting pretty long, I got into other one and I have limited time :( I know it's pretty weak to leave like that but while I'm burning to answer some points you brought up, I can't.

  21. This claim is somewhat a mix of all I'm seeing. Can I send you some example in DM? I don't want to expose too much or heavily criticize artists like that

  22. VW doesn't take full advantage of its potential either, but that's a different discussion unrelated to the whole pact/alliance with Edelgard issue, more to do with it just being "Silver Snow, but everything except the Edelgard parts makes more sense"

  23. Claude: I’ve never stooped so low as to cheat on you, Hilda. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in this room consulting my generals for the next 30 minutes. Actually, by “consulting”, I mean “Boinking”, by “my generals”, I mean “Emperor Edelgard”, and by “30 minutes”…

  24. It might not be the case, but maybe look into the asexuality spectrum? People can have only romantic and no or little sexual attraction, thus it's possible to be a lesbian in the asexual spectrum!

  25. Yeah why would Byleth be against it? At the start he doesnt even know what a Church is.

  26. Hard/Casual is not really hard, but go normal if you're unsure. It allows you to put aside the mechanic that are a bit hard to get or find, as well as doing plenty of "mistake".

  27. Mes enfants en primaire ont entre, disons, 1 et 3 heures de devoirs par vacances scolaires, ça ne gâche pas vraiment leurs vacances.

  28. Simple: a log is many times heavier than any suit of armor you can wear.

  29. But managing to jump in it, a few meters which is already inhuman, is a way more impressive feat.

  30. You must find a shrine outside the lab. Go out, and find it; it is really near the lab ;)

  31. Thanks! How do I go out? He won't let me near the doors, but is it a question of going slowly there?

  32. Everyone forgets Lorenz is actually pretty damn selfless, it’s just behind a layer of being a pompous asshole

  33. Doesn't mean he isn't awfully sexist and classist to the point anyone is justified to not want to speak to him. Who cares if he's supposedly selfless, he quite litteraly harass women and insult people for their status?

  34. I have only seen one Death Knight Mercedes included in a fanfiction currently and it was incredible. However, might I also raise you the possibility of Vampire Mercigard/Edelcedes ?

  35. It wasn't a Mercedes/Edelgard fic sadly, even though they got great interaction together within it. It's An Eagle Among Lions if you've heard of it?

  36. I know mocking abuse victims is bad, i was a victim of child abuse myself. Difference is, I'm an actual person, while Edelgard is a fictional character, and subject to different critiques than a real person is. Difference between her and Bernie is that Bernie didn't take her trauma and become a control freak dictator and try to replace the oppressive regime of the church with the oppressive regime of an empire.

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