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AITA for not wanting to pay for my wife's spending money?

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  1. Someone took me on. Unfortunately many people are thinking like you these days. But we need more teachers and if we don't help life others up, we will all suffer through continued shortages.

  2. I am not blaming anyone. Trust me, I am all over the politics and I have walked my fair share of strikes as some of the lowest paid and disrespected staff in the school. I'll be out on the picket line tomorrow fightingvfor all of us. I've sent all the emails and did all the things I can on social media etc to spread awareness. I am thankful someone was found for me. I will for sure give back when that bridge comes along.

  3. Is the threshold to be accepted high? I have been working on my BA for 18 years on and off.

  4. It is pretty high I think but doable. They do consider more than just grades. It's a lot of paper work to apply (need references and to answer some questions).

  5. Hi there. Veteran teacher here. I’ve had many TC’s at different stages of their programs and every single one of them has been an unique experience.

  6. Thank you for this response. It was very helpful. How do ATs in general would you say judge a lesson that falls apart (when you say you won't rescue). I am fine with that and actually think I am similar with my kinder students. What I wonder is what this will translate to on my evaluation. I don't want to fail practicum because my lesson didn't work out. I think I am good for professionalism. I've worked as a permanent DECE in a school for a number of years. I have done unqualified supply teaching work too. But there is something about practicum that makes me nervous (I think its the feeling of being judged and not being good enough and then being evaluated).

  7. My AT said her TCs before me had terrible communication when it came to absences and late arrival. Some wouldn't show up and she would be frantic thinking something happened to them, but no, they'd just sleep in and decide not to go. I couldn't believe it. Don't do that to your ATs.

  8. That is terrible. I definitely wouldn't do that. But thanks for the example.

  9. Does this happen after other firework days as well? I've read a lot of complaints about this holiday's use of fireworks but never see complaints after dominant holidays like Canada Day or Victoria Day. Is if that people are more aware because they were just annoyed by fireworks this time when it isn't their celebration? Or is this celebration the only time garbage is being left?

  10. Give me a break - so many posts after Canada Day about garbarge & dogs having anxiety. Stawp with the virtue signalling

  11. I am 40 in teacher's college with 20 years of ECE experience. I can feel this at times but instead I try to share my experience and knowledge with my peers and add insight to the discussions. Many of them are 24-27 which is about your age. I think if you feel you know more, share more. Expand their thinking in the ways you are looking for. Teacher's college is way easier than undergrad so that is also part of the boredom. I am here taking a child development class as an ECE with an undergrad in ECS as well. It is for sure a review. The prof was late one day and so I got to teach the class for an hour. Now that was fun 😀. I had aboit 30 minutes to review the slides and topics and I even came up with my own activity to make the discussions more interesting. Look for ways to make the program more challenging for yourself.

  12. I'm an AT for a first year teaching candidate. The school's rule book states clearly that first year TEC's cannot take emergency supply. They do not count towards practicum placement days and otherwise they are unavailable (if not doing a prac, they are in classes).

  13. This rule is meant for during practicum days. For exmaple if I am on practicum with you and your school is short staff or you are absent, the principal cannot move me into an emergency supply role. However, what I do on my days off during the program have nothing to do with that rule.

  14. Sure, but all programs are full time, there would be very few "days off". When my TEC is not in practicum with me, she's in class.

  15. Every program is different. In mine we are off every Friday which is when I take jobs (until practicum starts and I will not be able to work). I will also be off 2 school weeks in December and will work then. I can work Fridays in January, all of April, and at least 3 days a week for May and June.

  16. She is also in a small town. But the money they have for take out food is what surprises me the most.

  17. Considering the elementary school wanted to stream my BIPOC son to LOCALLY DEVELOPED for math, I prefer destreaming for grade 9 because too many BIPOC students are wrongfully streamed low. My son finished grade 11 applied with 80% to put this is perspective. It was a ludicrous suggestion and I had to advocate. Thankfully I understand education but most parents do not and perhaps would have accepted that recommendation. I knew he wasn't ready for academic but in no universe was he locally developed.

  18. One was on mine. I just put it in my garage. Not claling him to get it or claling bylaw. Just took it down amd moved on with my life.

  19. Ask stores if they price match and the conditions. For example DSW once had shoes for $150ish but I googled them and found a canadian site with the same shoes for $48.11 and they proce matched them.

  20. These feelings can feel very isolating. Making friends as an adult can be hard sometimes. Joining clubs can be one way to find people with similar interests. Sometimes taking the initiative to talk to someone can help because maybe they feel the same way.

  21. So there's tons to choose from. Have basically lived on the east end for 12 years now lol. Some family favourites include:

  22. Pizzeria is my best friends restaurant 💞 and yes D spot!! I’ve only tried their version of blizzards but I need to try their funnel cake! It looks so good!

  23. Nice! We love their pizza. Just wish they didn't take so long for delivery. But we still choose them every time because its the pizza closest to when I make it myself.

  24. Yea. I have worked on child care for years and I have never seen a kid scream quite like that. Raised a couple kids of my own as well and by 3 that would never fly

  25. I had no intention in going but have decided to go on Tuesday, and I will check in online on Thursday if I am not called to work and Friday most likely I'll go now unless I have work.

  26. I am starting this commute for university. I am nervous about the whole thing. How crowded does the train tend to be? I will be going around 7 and returning around 5. Sometimes I will go at 8 and return at 8:30.

  27. I have never heard of a mandatory orientation and I did not plan to attend either. I never seen in being mandatory until last might in the FB group. Prior to that post it always says "invited" or "strongly encouraged".

  28. YTA. Wow. You're wife's inheritance availed you a lot of hand ups (house, cars, retirement) and tour wife has some issues and is raising your child (the most important job in the world). And by doing so, your family saves on child care costs too. You sound very jealous and spiteful. Your views show that you do not value your wife or her contribution to the family.

  29. Mental health issues are no different than any other illness. If you had diabetes you wpuld treate it if you broke your leg, you would care for it. Right now you have been diagnosed with depression and have started treatments. Sadly, depression treatments do not work as fast as a tylenol for a headache. This will take time and work. Continue keeping up with therapy sessions and ypur medication. Consider seeing a naturalpath for added support and supplements. You sound like you should be taking a medical leave to focus on your health and give your mind/body what it needs. You should talk with your doctor about this. You may feel you cannot work at all right now (which is totally fine), or you may feel you could work half time or need one or 2 days off a week. All of these are possibilities. If you do not work on addressing the depression, it will only get worse.

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