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  1. My kids already helped my out by removing the cable from one of my OG HomePods lol

  2. Must have dropped them 100 times by now. Outside, on a plane, on wet concrete. They function just fine. The AirPods are incredibly resistant to damage. Heard about people leaving them in the washing machine and still functioning.

  3. Yep I dropped one for the first gen AirPods in a puddle once. It worked just fine.

  4. Yes because I won’t spend that much on a pair of headphones and leave it to chance.

  5. thanks! i will check this method. i put hair product in my hair yesterday and used my headphones today. who would’ve thought it would stain the next day.

  6. I wear a headband when I’m wearing mine so that they don’t directly touch my hair.

  7. Can you not have both? Keep the mini and pick up the 11 inch pro? I own both and wouldn’t choose one other the other.

  8. Well I voted for what I bought because I think it’s the best Colour. Voted for pink.

  9. I returned mine for a pair of AirPods Pro 2. I’m very happy with my decision

  10. If you find that the iPad meets your computing needs then perhaps a Mac would not be a useful purchase. However, if you feel that there are tasks that you can’t currently complete on your iPad or would be more efficient on a computer go for the mac. An alternative choice would the AirPods and an Apple Watch.

  11. Wtf, she was 13 when she started working for him and 15 when he died i think he was too weak towards the end to take advantage of her so i don't think anything unsavoury was going on

  12. I said she was taking advantage of him. I agree with Mushroom on this.

  13. Why the f would a 13 year old girl, even if she was a horny teen wanna take advantage of a 67 year old man who was on his death bed? I think most 13 year old would find that kind of revolting

  14. Pushed into it by her father. As nice as she might have been, I suspect Otto was the one who pushed her onto Jaehaerys.

  15. Well I only stick to the basics with Siri as I don’t want to be disappointed. However one day I asked one of my HomePods for the weather and it said I can help you with that if you ask me again on your iPhone ☠️

  16. I got my 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch from Amazon renewed in 2020. It came in immaculate condition, if not for the packaging you could have thought it was new. I had a look at the battery stats on coconut battery and it was 100%. Still using it now and I’ve had it almost 2.5 years and I’ve never had any issues with it.

  17. Thank u. How do u like AppleTV compared to the other streaming services? Wow, u have 2 iPad’s & 2 AirPods!

  18. I’ve been using the Apple TV since 2010 but I have tried the Chromecast and the fire TV stick. I prefer the Apple TV. I think it has a better interface and better hardware. I don’t mind the chromecast though.

  19. No. You will only loose money or time it takes to sell it. I would keep the pro.

  20. I thought all CCJs effected your credit rating even if they are satisfied. They stay on your record for 6 years.

  21. I thought it’s only 2 claims. I’ll have to check my paperwork. Might be different in different countries. I’m in the US. Currently have it for my AirPods Max and AirPods Pro 2.

  22. It was a universal change made last year; AppleCare Plus has unlimited claims.

  23. I used to work in Currys, they're scummy AF.

  24. Their care plan doesn’t even cover accidental damage. It’s just an extended warranty. It’s a bit pointless. At least the insurance you get from argos covers accidental damage and you get unlimited repairs.

  25. It does, I have a plan on an old iPad, it's been smashed 3 times and been replaced each time - the plans may have changed since then though, and I'm on a nicer one?

  26. Yes I had one on my old MacBook Air that I took out in 2015 and that one did cover accidental damage. However I took one out on my iPad mini last year and accidental damage wasn’t covered. I got my kids a laptop for Christmas and we took out a care plan but it doesn’t cover accidental damage.

  27. Hopefully they have Apple care + and Apple will replace them.

  28. Exactly this. In the book there was no hint of any feelings between Rhaenyra and Daemon and it was a political arrangement. It strengthened Rhaenyra’s claim. Also in the book you can never really discount Daemon’s own ambitions for the throne. In the show it’s much more complicated. Daemon and Rhaenyra do have a relationship over the years and feelings for one another. In the show we see Daemon does love his brother and niece. I also think over time in the show even if Daemon did have ambitions to take the throne for himself as time went on I don’t think it’s that clear that this is what he wants.

  29. How have they made him more likeable? Show Daemon up to this point has done more bad things then book Daemon. The only thing that the show has done to make him more likeable is remove his hobby of going after underaged prostitutes. Genuine question, what makes you like him?

  30. Because his motivations are clear. In the book it was very black and white. In the show he’s not a straight forward character. In the show you can see he loves his brother and in his own way loves Rhaenyra. In the show we can see his love for his family and his Valyrian culture.

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