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  1. Gotta be honest, the paragraph made me not want to read it. If you want to make a paragraph look interesting to read, make it three or four sentences. At first glance your paragraph looks exhausting.

  2. Very interesting feedback and thank you for the honestly. Personally, I have never seen a book that had a few sentences as a paragraph. Or maybe I'm thinking wrong but as in a few sentences you mean maybe 3 - 4 lines and that's it. Which to me most books have entire pages of writing.

  3. I can see what you are getting at. I will 100% take a look into that.

  4. Small sample size, but there's a natural intuitiveness to the voice, which is something I find quite nice, and encourage you to develop. However, on the whole, this snippet is completely raw and unfocused. Even your best sentences are in need of polishing (and a few outright axed) before it can hope to coalesce into a cohesive narrative.

  5. Thank you for feedback. In what way would you say my sentences need polishing? I'm no expect with writing as I'm just doing it as a fun hobby and if it turns to something more than great!

  6. The sentences are all over the place and chock full of errors, which is fairly normal for a first draft. The most important part is getting the bones down, which you've done, so kudos--but the second most important part is editing to make a presentable product for your beta readers, and you're falling short on that mark. I wish I could say it was one thing, but the sentences are hamstrung by a variety of ills.

  7. This is really helpful thank you. As I stated this is just a paragraph from the chapter so it's very out of context. The paragraph before this one shows how the bump was fatal and who the young/old man is. From what you're seeing it's hard to understand who and what's really going on but as said that's because it's an out of context paragraph. But either way this feedback is amazing, and I will try to use what you have said throughout the book.

  8. I feel like this is desync. On your side it looks like he runs out shooting at you but on his end he most likely ran out reacted to you for a second and then killed you. Tarkov can be weird at times...

  9. You must be one of them lucky people that have never seen desync on both ends...

  10. Could be someone already grabbed it and it hadn't despawned for you. I know the door was closed so not likely. But I've seen a bug where I could see and try to pick up a pro kill laying on the ground but it would pick up anything. I asked my buddy if he could see it laying there but he said nothing was there for him.

  11. Could be. People are saying it's a secure container though so the only way to take it is if you don't have your container with you...

  12. Same thing happen to me on customs. I took two other friendly scavs to it and they were able to but not I.

  13. Nice shot. Some guy killed me with the same gun yesterday. I had an alton on and he somehow head eyes me as I ran past the corner...

  14. You could have 10 guys shooting at you, throwing nades that almost kill you while tagilla and killa are running at you but moving in a bush and making a little sound makes my heart rate go higher...

  15. Are you kidding ? Like bruh, you were snaking first.

  16. Did you watch the video? I was running towards the lighthouse bridge she shot me while lying down in the grass so I ran and dived into the grass for cover which worked in my favour because I ended up winning. You have to do what you have to do to survive even if it's a campy/bushy/snaky type of play.

  17. Oh sorry, messed up on the phone, the "are you kidding" was said by her, that's what i was referring to. She got beaten in the situation she tried to beat you basically

  18. Oooooh my bad lol I see how it can be red both ways lol

  19. Amazing work. Really captured the what's gonna happen next vibes at the end of the trailer!

  20. This would have to be the first death in tarkov that brings happiness not sadness

  21. I done this a bit as a maxed town hall 14 dropped from 5200 trophies all the way to 400. I kept getting attacked winning defences making sure to remove my shield as often as possible and as soon as I hit gold I would drop down back to bronze. I think in a week or so I had at least 200 - 300 defence wins. I then stopped because it felt more of a grind then playing the game for the past 100 years. As a lower town hall that's not maxed it would be a lot harder to achieve though.

  22. Congrats, I'm f2p as well currently maxed out my base but still working on heroes. I started grinding heroes around the start of this year can't remember when. Barb was at lvl 40 now at lvl 60, queen was at lvl 30 now at lvl 61, warden was at lvl 35 now at lvl 49 and champ was lvl 15 now lvl 26. Keep up the grind my man!

  23. It's a very balanced gun I see no issues here xD

  24. Wow they are really trying to make the game even more longer/annoying

  25. Hot take, how do you know he was “extract camping” and not, oh idk, heading to extract as well?

  26. Fair point. What the clip does not show is myself running towards extract and getting shot multiple times from a distance. I lie down a bunch and still try head towards exit. After about a solid 10min I'm still fighting for my life because when even I move I get shot. Then in the clip as shown I say fk it i'm close enough, I run and there he is standing right next to the extract shooting at me. If he was heading to the exit himself, he would not stay to shoot at me for 10min lol

  27. Who the fuck cares man … know it’s gonna happen and how do you expect bsg to stop it, ambushes are a common tactic and every map has multiple extracts, you got out. Stop crying

  28. Why would someone having a name similar or even almost exactly the same mean they are cheating? Lots of people have similar names due to similar inspirations (famous tv shows), etc... "Sheepstar" isn't that unique tbh. There's at least 85 of them ;)

  29. out of all the years I have played games I have never come across someone with the same name but I checked again, and his name is spelt sheeptar so my bad. But there used to be cheaters in tarkov that would take people's names and kill other players...

  30. WAIT don't worry false alarm I looked back and his name is Sheeptar not sheepstar85 so maybe it's just super lucky to see someone with a close name. He did not play like a cheater at all and was a fair fight so who knows.

  31. Getting sanitar to run after you and block him with a door is probably the best way to kill him. Almost all bosses get stuck when you close a door on them, so you have a chance to shoot their head through that door.

  32. This reminds me of when I killed a team of 3 using bolty for quest. They added me after so I accepted to see what bs they want to say. They all said you are bad at the game get good bet you can't even get a good win rate. Later on they told me to do stuff that's not allowed to be said on reddit... I said gg I hope you run into me again. :) Some people really just can't handle dying, or if they die and they don't know where from they call cheats.

  33. I would say that's more of a feature than an issue xD

  34. Now that's a smart way to finish that grenade quest...

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