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  1. Even without illegal immigration the demographics are inexorably headed to whites no longer being over 50% in a decade.

  2. The social conception of white will simply change to maintain majority status, as it always has.

  3. I am 21 and my girlfriend is 17. We never had sex tho and we won't untill she's 18 and she feels ready.

  4. They should just vote For and then not do anything at all about it like the 186 countries

  5. The real conspiracy is that this was cross-posted to wayofthebern as part of an ongoing campaign to radicalize those on the fringes of political alignments and further remove them from reality.

  6. I'd love a poll of that sub and how many folks there have been institutionalized

  7. It isn't creeping through a red light/reckless if he's pulling forward to see oncoming traffic before making his right on red, say if the view is blocked by bushes, a wall, cars, etc.

  8. To teach kids geometry but not how their bodies work seems counterintuitive, no?

  9. There’s a difference between teaching kids how the human body works and telling them to go home and ask their dad about his erections and ejaculation - especially 10 year old girls

  10. Wouldn't this be the preferred method? Places the onus on the parents to teach their children about sexual things rather than the school taking it upon themselves.

  11. Capitalism commoditizes everything, it’s unavoidable.

  12. People commoditize it. Someone makes those tiny homes or whatever product, and someone buys it. Walmart and Amazon are simply middlemen.

  13. Bezos makes $75B a year in income? Really? So far you're proving my point to a T.

  14. He was commenting on income. I think I’m gonna go ahead and agree with you that his math is pretty overstated though.

  15. I started training krav maga because I was haunted daily by the idea that my crazy ex might just show up one day where I live and try to forcibly make me do something against my will. This fear expanded into a general discomfort around men, so I joined a krav maga club to learn to defend myself. I've also never quite been the most active person so I was looking to change that as well.

  16. How did you vet the quality of the krav maga instructor to ensure you didn't get a "McDojo"?

  17. I would love to see a TV show where incels got what they wanted and locked down an objective 10. That would be super entertaining

  18. The police have no legal duty to protect you in the United States. You have zero recourse if they refuse to help you. This was determined in Supreme Court case Castle Rock v. Gonzales (2005).

  19. Change the police then. Dealing with systemic issues will be a better long-term solution.

  20. See LtLabcoat's response. How does one change the police to make my life take precedence over their own?

  21. Mainland support to Puerto Rico statehood is politically unacceptable. Anticipated Blue state will be opposed by Red and vice versa because of the impacts in the Senate. Therefore no new states will be admitted until the two party system is eliminated or partisanship eases.

  22. That's valid. It's a shame that anarcho-capitalism is entirely welcoming to the LBTQ+ community in theory but gets a bad wrap due to fascist-minded folks so often co-opting the flag and libertarian movement.

  23. It'd be cool as an elective but making it mandatory seems foolish. You'd be better off making personal finance mandatory.

  24. No. I mean the car will roll if it’s in gear and you’re not pressing the brake but this mower will actively accelerate to full speed without the brake

  25. Isn't corporate investment into housing a good thing as it incentivizes homebuilders to increase supply?

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