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  1. Then you, as her friend, supposedly, ask her if she would be fine with you going out with Max. If it’s a yes, then go for it. If it's a no, then either stop or risk losing a friend.

  2. Can I ask you a question? Why did you post here? You're already dead set on hooking up with him anyway. So why bother?

  3. I think this decision will benefit both of us, we could live an amazing live without the expenses that a child comes

  4. Nope, just you. And you're too selfish to see that, you pos. Let her go. Let her find someone who will give her the life she actually wants. Not some loser who has to lie to keep his gf around. If you don't want kids, that's fine. But don't punish her for that.

  5. The most fucked up thing about all this is that there are people on the other post's comments defending this guy's actions because the OP described her marriage as "perfect". Fuck all the manipulation, all the abuse, all the brainwashing. They're defending him and justifying what he did because they think of OP as shallow.

  6. I have the same problem. Seems to be a bug in the app that needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything you can do to change that right now. Let's hope for a future update that will fix it.

  7. Dude that wasn't her mom. That was a random stranger.

  8. The title and post was very misleading then :)

  9. You do realize that you're the side chick now, right? He's in a relationship with her. This is why he doesn't want to live separately from her. He's building a family with her right now, his actual gf. He just wants to keep you around.

  10. Yes, YTA, but not because of guy #2. Who gives a shit about him? Not only did you cheat on your husband with this guy, but you're also a homewrecker in this man's marriage. Take a long, hard look in the mirror and decide if this is the kind of person you want to be.

  11. Dude it sounds like you are the problem. That kid wasn’t the asshole bully, based on what you have said. You were the bully that called up a random kid in your school and gave death threats…his parents were right to protect him.

  12. They were 9 years old ffs. We have all done or said stupid shit at that age. And I'm sure OP didn't actually mean they were going to kill that kid.

  13. Jeez, I always thought Partner was a more mature term to describe relationship. Boyfriend and girlfriend is so Teen.....

  14. On top of that, partner refers to someone who is equal to you. Apparently, being equal to her is downgrading to him. Says a lot about the way he sees relationships.

  15. Well from how everyone in the friend group acted after the truth came out, my guess is Jenny thought it would go down exactly how it did: nobody would criticize her because tHiNgS aRe HaRd FoR hEr, they'd put all their energy into helping her feel better, and they'd barely give a second thought to OOP because she's not as close to them.

  16. Is it petty of me to say, I hope Jenny didn't get to go to the trip after all?

  17. One time in college I inadvertently had in my cart a 30-rack of beer, lotion, and tissues... must have looked like I was getting ready for an exciting night.

  18. Yeah, I get that, but also there are a lot of older films I love, so it's more a question of not knowing what I really am going to like. And also, if liking those films is a skill that can be cultivated, I feel like it's worth cultivating that skill both to appreciate the huge amount of films I would otherwise miss and also to understand film better. I totally get where you're coming from though and think it's a good point that just struggling through films isn't going to help my passion for it, so I'll have to watch out for that. And I will definitely look at my favorite filmmakers' favorite films, that's really good advice, thanks. I love Scorsese films - that's why I've been trying to watch the Italian neorealists and Powell and Pressburger, he's said he's inspired by them. Thanks so much for the reply, I really appreciate it.

  19. Just want to add, don't let other people tell you that you don't enjoy movies or cinema "enough" just because you don't like certain films or genres. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy movies, and at the end of the day, personal taste is still a thing. You can like or dislike any movie you want without being "fake". Don't let others judge you because of that. Those people are usually just pretentious.

  20. I was 11 then but had the exact same thought. I was so confused. I actually thought those were poop stains or something, but it looked a little odd. I asked my mom what it was, and she explained to me that I had just gotten my period, and I was shocked. It was a little overwhelming at the beginning. Especially because we were on vacation in another country when it happened.

  21. You could try to turn off "recommendations based on your location". Assuming you're using the app, go to settings, click on account settings, and then scroll down. It should be there. Turn it off and see if it works.

  22. Does it say "settings" on your sidebar? If so, click that and look for "display". There should be a "nightmode" or "darkmode" option.

  23. Some subreddits don't allow links in comments. One I can think of right now off the top of my head is TrueOffMyChest. Different subs have different spam filters. Some subs don't allow specific words in their comments. Comments containing those words get auto removed. Like the word "fake" for example. Or over the top profanity. It's best to only use links in subs where you know those won't get removed. If you have to send a link, you can still use DMs.

  24. I was physically there for that event! We couldn't actually hear them talking though, where can I go to see the whole video?


  26. My mom rents rooms! She basically has a bed and breakfast and is always helping people. I just figured it may be the best option so he’s not on the street after I asked him to quit his job.

  27. Maybe he could use some of those $1500 he stole from you to not be homeless. How about that?

  28. Yes, because movie theaters live from selling snacks and drinks. They don't make shit from selling tickets. If you want to support your local cinemas, buy popcorn.

  29. I just rewatched Bring it On the other day and it definitely shows it's age. The routines are still great, but the rest of the movie just wasn't as fun as I remember it being.

  30. Yeah, that movie really didn't age well, did it? Quite a lot of casual homophobia, misogyny, jokes about sexual assault, ableism, and sexualisation of minors. It's still kind of fun to watch but definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth nowadays.

  31. Yeah, I think your gf is acting really shady here. If I were you, I would ask myself who she is hiding you from.

  32. Stop giving in to her tantrums. Seriously, she's not gonna stop until she realizes it doesn't get her anywhere. As soon as she starts her bs, get up and walk away. Or ignore her. Or agree with her, but don't say anything else. Do anything but what you're doing right now. It's not gonna change until you change your approach.

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