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Boris Johnson Stepping Down

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  1. Congratulations! Took us 14ish months so can relate! We moved about 3 weeks ago and owning a house is great (so far..!). Having lived in flats for most of my adult life, it's weird how much space there is. And a whole extra floor!

  2. I’m in the same position, and it almost seems like too much space! I keep having to run up and down the actual stairs to get things I’ve left in another room!

  3. It seems people from developing countries who got skilled worker visa in developed countries and have a higher median income than the locals are really in a better position compared to those people.

  4. My mom passed away suddenly in March, and I fully relate to the clouded mind thing. I couldn’t focus on anything or remember much for the first month, people in my family kept forgetting things.

  5. Did the house need cleaning? Do you have photos proving that it didn’t?

  6. The friends who continued to reach out regularly to ask how things are, have meant a lot more to me than all the immediate support right after it happened, which was overwhelming and plentiful.

  7. Yeah, I've been going back and forth in my head about it lol Mostly just miss my family to be honest

  8. Have you been back recently? I find that often a visit home alleviates my feeling that I should move back when I experience the practical reality of my home country, my family and friends. Grass is always greener.

  9. So here’s why I don’t think that any investment can be truly passive. Even if the owner is a complete slumlord piece of scum and doesn’t do any work to improve the property, they still have to monitor the market and make some significant decisions about when and how to buy/sell. It’s self-serving leech work that doesn’t benefit society in any way, but it’s still not truly passive.

  10. Rental market moves fast in London. Just keep looking, loads of stuff will pop up at the last minute.

  11. You will find it extremely difficult to find a place to rent with no job. Focus on getting a job first before looking for a rental.

  12. I had Covid and didn’t realise for the first couple days, sharing a bed with my partner and spending lots of time together.

  13. Doctors have a weird way of describing things, I think they trying to describe " you walk at a pace that you could not hold a conversation with someone but answer questions or say hello" That's a suggested speed of walking from studies on efficient calorie burning. It's not exercise until you are unable to speak, that is excessive.

  14. This is absolutely what the doctor meant, and we should absolutely be getting this amount of exercise at a minimum.

  15. Someone mentioned a really good point on LBC the other day. With changes to the tax laws, you now cannot deduct interest rate from your expenses as a landlord. So a lot of small time landlords, i.e. those with just one or two, or those who are renting out their own home are selling their properties because it is not only no longer profitable, in a lot of circumstances landlords are making a loss. Or, for those who stay, they are putting the rent sky high and are spending as little as possible for the upkeep.

  16. I think this is a bit of an incorrect take. You’re making it out like small landlords ever cared about anything but getting as much rent as possible, and that they ever gave a stuff about the quality of the property. They didn’t.

  17. I just bought my first house too and I think it’s normal. A lot of doubt creeps in, especially when you hand over your life’s savings.

  18. You don’t need a car in London. Lived there for 7 years without one. Got one for the last year we were there, and the only times we used it were to drive out of London. Driving in London itself just sucks and is a lot harder than the tube.

  19. It is not overly warm actually, and more depressing because so many dark days over and over. Even this summer has been like a mild winter and kind of cold. Will I have to wait until next summer for the darkness to end?? Everyone who lives here will surely have SAD by now. Good possibility that next year could be a smoke show summer because of the forest fires. British Columbia has gone downhill and is over-rated. Maybe living here is not worth the high price anymore.. Oh yah, and watch out for the high population of drugged out zombies living in tent cities right outside your home!! Keeps getting scarier everyday here because of that.

  20. You’re not wrong, you have to take care of yourself.

  21. me seeing if i can save enough to re-wire my own home, and others going out of their way to make it hard to have their home rewired for free

  22. They’re just asking that they’re given more than a few hours notice to move their stuff out of the way, chill out. It’s not that serious.

  23. Ever since I found out he was dating Rita Ora, who partied her way through the Covid lockdowns here in the U.K., Just the association with her has given me the ick on him.

  24. Precisely. Man made drugs are a huge profit for big pharma, meanwhile, mushrooms can be grown at home and found readily available in the wild in the UK. So if suddenly everyone could provide their own antidepressants, suddenly the poor pharmaceutical companies would lose a chunk of their precious revenue.

  25. LSD is definitely manmade, but I do agree with you.

  26. Just a comment on Quetiapine, I'm currently on it and have been on/off it about 3 times in the last 7 years - Whilst it's an antipsychotic so will help with your paranoia and voices, psychiatrists never bother to mention the side effects (increased weight gain, appetite, increased blood pressure, palpitations, QT prolongation, tardive dyskinesia - this can be permanent. This list goes on...)

  27. Oh my god, honestly, I don’t as seeing a doctor privately for ADHD and she was prescribing me all kinds of things to try and deal with the side effects of the stimulant medication, and one was Quetiapine!

  28. I never actually ended up filling the quetiapine prescription.

  29. I've said it all along, the minute the furlough scheme started we were gonna end up with that self-serving, ultra rich bastard for PM

  30. Over a million people we’re unfairly excluded from furlough when they needed it most, so hopefully that will make a dent in his popularity.

  31. Will do..Hopefully we can try to avoid it but it feels like it could be inevitable. Thank you.

  32. It’s not really inevitable. We bid almost 10% over on the house we ended up buying and were worried about it, but our mortgage broker said best thing to do is to try other banks in that case because the valuation isn’t really a science, so one lender may value it less than another.

  33. Work with a mid 30s woman, who's been an avid Boris supporter, who says she's heartbroken today, because who could of done a better job? She also thought Hancock shouldn't of been forced out because he had done a really good job! Lmao!

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