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  1. I do workouts from my computer and having both bars, top and bottom, plus that music icon feels cluttered. Sometimes I can make the bottom one disappear but have no idea how I did it. I tried swiping my mouse every which way and no luck. Does anyone know how to make the bottom time bar disappear?

  2. Have you looked into Redcircle? Their free plan is decent. They might have something that fits your need.

  3. Thanks, I did try them. I don't see a private option with them.

  4. Then it likely made an RSS feed but just didn’t submit to any platform for indexing. However that doesn’t mean that it won’t/can’t eventually show in those indexes. Also, there’s still no form of protection - so if someone happened to guess the RSS link they could still listen

  5. I’d be willing to take that risk haha. And after 2 years, the private feeds I subscribed to can’t be found by searching. Ok thanks.

  6. There are many other free podcast services that you can use

  7. Recommendations? I chose Anchor bc it was recommended. I had no idea it was linked to Spotify.

  8. Red Circle is a wonderful hosting platform!

  9. I just looked them up and I’m not sure I can create a private podcast with them. I didn’t think this would be this difficult. My course is already created. I just need to upload the audios to a podcast on Apple and one for Android, and make them private.

  10. A very comprehensive review, and I totally agree.

  11. Pardon my ignorance but why will that one be the slowest? I was planning on getting the same upgrades.

  12. Is it that simple? I feel like there are steps that I’m missing.

  13. I've been trying to get an answer to this for a while. I was able to send longer messages back in February, and then after a few weeks I suddenly couldn't anymore. Most of my friends can still send longer than a minute messages and I really miss the feature.

  14. Paradoxically, I'm 100 percent like you. Have tried to ditch EN so many times, but there's nothing that comes close to it in terms of clarity and efficiency. I guess I'll stick to it till I give up the ghost. I'm merely saying that in order to track the history of some vital doc you could embed it into EN from GD and you wouldn't have the hassle of exporting and comparing using other apps.

  15. Hmmm. Let me make sure I understand. In GD I can compare 2 files to see what the difference is? Or are you saying if I create the doc in EN, it will show me the individual changes if I want to look?

  16. Sweet! Thanks. LO works the same way, but I’ll keep this in mind for when I need to fix a dupe. Awesome.

  17. Yes! This is what I was looking for. As in commodifying nature. Thank you!

  18. First, yikes. Second, it didn't. I settled on ashwaghanda supplements that work great.

  19. Keep a glass of water next to you EVERY time you record. As far as the fuzz or background noise, I use Audacity for recording. When recording, be silent for a couple of seconds. When finished and during editing, use the noise reduction effect. Use those seconds of silence to get a NOISE PROFILE. Then, use the noise reduction. Audacity will silence any background noise that was present when it got the noise profile. Computer fans, ambient sound, the neighbor mowing, etc.

  20. Thank you! Is the glass of water for drinking when my mouth gets dry?

  21. The background noise you filter out or get better equipment to minimize, and the mouth sounds you edit out manually or use technique to minimize.

  22. Thanks! I’m planning to get better equipment in a few months. Can you recommend ways to filter out the background noise and techniques to minimize mouth sounds since they are tough to spot and edit manually? Or direct me to somewhere I can learn todo these things? I’d appreciate it.

  23. Alrighty! Still reading but this has been helpful so far! Today I attempted to wash the dishes as I use them and so far, so good. I’ve tried waiting until the end of the day but by then I don’t want to do anything haha I’m going to try this for the rest of the week and see how I feel.

  24. Ok, I’ll find an endocrinologist. My GI couldn’t find anything in my upper and lower scopes.

  25. I’m not sure of all of them but checked my thyroid, vitamin d, iron, and others. If there’s a so specific one I should look for, tell em and I’ll dig into my results.

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