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  1. Very cool. Loved the documentary on Daniel Johnston.

  2. Mark Evanier wrote for the show, but didn’t write the comics?!

  3. I’m beginning to wonder what Mark Evanier didn’t write!

  4. I’m trying to collect City at War too. I’ve only got 3 of 12 so far. It’s going to be tough. You’re lucky to have found so many in one place, that’s rare.

  5. Special thank you to Jim Shooter and David Lapham for creating the iconic comic book cover back in 1992 that I have cherished over the decades. I attempted to replicate the beautiful details Jade Moede and Sean Chen illustrated for

  6. Only cover I know of with a Jim Shooter credit... Don't believe he had any others with Valiant and don't remember any from Marvel though I guess it's possible...

  7. He swiped if from Marvel Universe and everyone knew!

  8. Don’t forget to also thank Mike Zeck for the Punisher drawing the Shooter has admitted to swiping for the iconic cover! Haha.

  9. That would explain why my 6 year old daughter just asked for an envelope and started laughing fiendishly.

  10. With a 6 year old, this could be for many reasons.

  11. The last time my 6yo asked for an envelope it was (seriously) to mail himself birthday cards that he made for himself like 4-6 months before his birthday.

  12. This sub is pretty bitterly divided over the issue. If you’re just talking value and b) as the market stands now, then sure why not if makes you happy.

  13. Ya, they look to be in great shape. Stick them in a Mylar and they’ll be sexy as hell.

  14. Well, that’s an easy hundred spent! Congrats on getting your run again.

  15. What was Hate? Looks cool - is that the Eightball guy? Recommend it?

  16. But they did a noteable comic tour during the height of their books called HateBall Tour. Eightball was Dan Clowes and Hate is Pete Bagge. Both great artists in their own way.

  17. Was that the first football gag? He seemed surprised!

  18. I think it was at the Kitchener Ontario warehouse a few years ago I saw an entire long box of X-Factor 2. It was kind of eye opening to just how many unsold issues of over stock are out there.

  19. Comics shouldn’t stay in cheap acidic bags. Especially with colour/dye in the plastic. You can chose one: short term holding of “complete” value, or long term preservation. As far as I’m concerned you can’t have both.

  20. Do you have any more EC? Are you selling or trading these?

  21. A one claw Wolverine that literally kills everyone

  22. I’ve only got into Veitch’s work within the last few years and it’s really great. Brat Pack is up there for me with Watchmen.

  23. In have one of them in the photo, just missing #1

  24. Thanks! I’ll be checking that out.

  25. I collect both as well. Hate very relatable to me as a 40-something. And Frank is just fucked up and I’m there for it.

  26. Palestine, beautiful art and one of the best auto bio comics ever made. If you lived through some crazy shit why not make your story into a comic?

  27. The narrative of a animal “hitting a car” when it was just minding its own business and the car materialized out of nowhere going 80km/h is backwards.

  28. That’s a white whale for a precious few. The two Star Wars 3D books are ghosts as well.

  29. Want more space? Put your TPB/HC into a box as well. That opens up your shelf more and provides more visual consistency. If you want even more space, Get rid of the price guides that were out of date when they were printed. All the info in there is on this device too. And searchable.

  30. Ageed! I can fit 3 more boxes in that space. I’ve thought of that. And ya, those overstreets I don’t even know why I keep them. I don’t think anyone collects those either?

  31. Comic shops already have all the 90s stuff though. That's the point. Retailers have access to MORE product than nerds like us. They have access to distributors and dead stock warehouses, etc.. Folks like us that just use ebay and reddit might like these books but everyone in the actual business of selling comics has all the 90's stuff they can possibly need.

  32. The 3 businesses I deal with know me very well and have never turned down a box of comics from me. And they’re going to have to take it if the want the Spider-Man, Batman and Secret Wars in there.

  33. I think there were only 3-4 of these! I’ll be looking for rest of the run for sure.

  34. Thanks for posting the interiors. I always wondered about these. Looks great!

  35. Would you consider Vault of Screaming Horror to be an offshoot of Gore Shriek? I lump it in.

  36. And what happens if the owner and a bunch of his buddies show up, bust in the door, and throw this deadbeat and all their stuff on front lawn and change the locks?

  37. Rare as heck, and I wonder why they were cutting numbers by the end. Was it not selling? Wasn’t Akira acclaimed?

  38. OP now has “tiger butt” in their search history

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