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Kid jumps off stairs

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Attempted Robber Stabbed Multiple Times By Employee

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  1. I'm gonna be a legend. The girls will think I'm hot, and the guys will think I'm cool. And those teachers will never talk back to me ever again. Let's do this, feet.

  2. It’s the systems fault! They are the victims in this situation. /s

  3. If you're saying the system hasn't continued to fail the black community well over 100 years since slavery was legally abolished in the US, then you're misinformed. If you'd like help finding information about the lack of opportunities and the continued ipression for black Americans, let me know, i can help you find some good reading material on the subject.

  4. I agree, as a country we need to do more to help reduce the inequality gap. While we can't assune the circumstances of these 3 boys, we do know that violence against people of colour, lack of opportunity,and systemic policy failures continue to bliggt minority communities. This violence against black people needs to be reconciled .

  5. Covid vaccine induced myocarditis is 1-5 cases per 100,000. That's .005% chance of getting myocarditis. It's unfortunate that his kid was one of the unlucky ones, but he could have done his own research before making a decision. I didn't get any information about side effects when i got mine, but i did wait until full FDA approval and looked at the readily available information on it before i made a decision.

  6. Yes, I said the second paragraph and I am the second most down voted. I told them it was not very productive to do so. Not to mention, he will not have a case when it comes to court. He is just blowing smoke, and bluffing. People often threaten like that, will not do it. If he was going to do it, he would just done it. Even though I feel for the guy. Feeling for him does not justify his boorish behavior though.

  7. Thank you for your thoughtful response. Your counter argument to my final thought is compelling and convincing. My knee-jerk instinct is to say the greater benifit to the population is more important than the will of the individual. I know how that sounds now that i say it here, so i will agree that i have moved closer to your side after reading your well thoughtout points and considering what's important to me and how i think we should behave as a society. It's perhaps more nuanced or balanced, or maybe there's no perfect answer to society vs the indivisible. Thanks for giving me pause for thought. Take care fellow lost moderate.

  8. It's funny you watched a 16hr old video with 0 upvotes, that's commitment to scrolling deep into new.

  9. If you can't beat them, join them. This is the most reposted video since racist drunk guy throws a chair

  10. Omg - this is one of my biggest fears when traffic is backed up.

  11. I hear you, just don't get mad at me while i share the same fear and give enough space on the freeway for me and the car behind me to stop. I always leave enough room to flash my break lights several times when slowing down.

  12. Do you still stop and get each others insurance details?

  13. No they just automatically deduct 50 points from your social credit score for interfering with state business.

  14. 100%. The people who are chronic violators of rule 4 think they're clever by using the most minimal of innuendos but it's obvious what their point is. I hope the mods take that into account and aren't just looking for the most blatant of bigoted language and posts.

  15. Or, using a derogatory word followed by"culture" as a code word for a non-white negative racist placeholder.

  16. Just so you know a religion is not a race. Though maybe rule 4 should be updated to ban hate against all religions. However since religion is an ideology, bad ideas should to be able to be challenged. So it's basically someone would need to toe the line between academic criticism and hate.

  17. Fair take, but i see "religion of peace" used as anti Muslim rhetoric directed at a whole people and religion.

  18. What a tool, you do not represent white people.

  19. Peace Health is notoriously terrible. You're likely better off driving all the way to everett or Seattle and will be seen sooner for anything but the most dire emergency situation.

  20. Reznor was a big fan of 80's synth-pop bands. Here is a nice little

  21. I hope that as time goes on WKUK will enjoy more recognition and acclaim. You can see what they're up to over at

  22. Well, brain candy finally broke even after 30 years, I'd say they are doing good!

  23. Is that the one woman who was harassing the dude at the self checkout saying he needed Jesus mothrrfucker ?

  24. This is so easy to fake you'd have to be an idiot to share it.

  25. You're may be right about it being shopped. But its still funny my angry friend, so I'll continue to share it when he comes up.

  26. That doesn't really look like Grindr though? I dunno looks kinda photoshopped. Also please no I don't want to run into this guy

  27. I didn't even consider that it might be fake. I want to believe. Either way, lets post that every time this right wingnut ip2 troll gets posted. Nothing wrong with being gay, love is love, but his audience may not be so christian.

  28. Aside from the gross racism, I’m also offended by the.. scrunchie?

  29. You think he was trying to grab it for an eventual reward to return? I just can’t imagine strolling through park slope and nabbing a cat off the bustling street! There is no way he thought that cat needed help.

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