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  1. Yeahhhh there are a lot of hackers. If u see people teleporting it could be hacking or they have shitty wifi. The changing direction thing is pretty easy to get good at, just set your break key to shift or something easier to reach that the preset key (s) and whenever you want to make fast, sharp turns, press the breaks and boost wherever you wanna turn

  2. 7+8=15 and 2+4=6 but it’s 20 and 40 so add a 0 to it and it’s 60 and then 15+60=75

  3. Just realized I forgor to put pics of the in-game characters 💀

  4. Bro I’m so gay for her I audibly let out a little “noooo….” When he flirted with her

  5. so you're aroace? sorry it's just not very clear what kind of relationship you're looking for.

  6. I know I’m not ace because I find women VERY attractive but the whole crush thing doesn’t happen so I just call it aromantic

  7. Do you have a type? Do you find women sexually attractive or are you looking for more of an emotional connection? Are you just trying to fill some feeling of “it’s supposed to be this way” versus allowing yourself to actually find love?

  8. My dad went to a high school reunion and the elevator got stuck between two floors so he and his friend pried it open and found a secret compartment between floors that had a HUGE bag of weed and a contrabass clarinet that had been missing since his freshman year

  9. Every once in a while, we’d host potlucks after school in the band room

  10. That sounds fire but we can’t do it cuz our band is too big and we’d either bring waaaaaay too much food or eat it all in 2 minutes :(

  11. We have a percussion only bus and sometimes you can see disco lights blaring through their window and the whole back of the bus bouncing, I’ll be on that bus next year

  12. Yo I stayed here for a band trip last year, I posted a pic too (not saying u stole mine, mine has a different angle)

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