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  1. Detectives are usually the cops that work behind the scenes to actually do their job and solve/stop crimes. As opposed to beat cops who commit the majority of police brutality and harassment of black, queer, and homeless people. If our police force was more focused on his type of work things might be different.

  2. i always wonder what id do if someone said this to me in real life. i consider it anxiously every day because ive not caught much trans hate so far and i dont know what id say to this.

  3. Hello! I too am like you. I suffer from voices that persecute and demand for me to do things. It started as a psychosis episode that lasted 10 months. I thought I was possessed. Finally, I tried medication. The voices never left. I created a tulpa before my meds, and my community grew.

  4. It genuinely sounds like you need to speak with a dissociative specialist imo. Strangers aren't going to be able to help with this kind of issue.

  5. I admire this, you're faithful and brave - it's so important to say these things in response to bad opinions and in the right way so those people may listen. You obviously try to deliver the message in the right way. Very admirable, blessings 💕

  6. Hey question cause I want to get on Prog. How long was your wifey on HRT before she started progesterone? I heard it's better to wait 1-2 years

  7. 2.5 years hrt first. The first couple weeks on progesterone her mood swings were brutal for both of us, and she at least expected it, although still not to the degree they turned out. She just said, lets not forget progesterone is a pregnancy hormone. One of the reasons we're happy for the breast growth, aside from just that, is that since it was why she wanted to be on it the amount they've already grown means she probably wont have to be on it too long. She also just confirmed to me that the doctors usually want you to be on hrt 1-2 years first.

  8. i did not know about the mood swings side effect.. I do have a severe mood disorder :| i manage it pretty good but even estrogen sent me a bit crazy, i will definitely warn my wife before i start taking prog.

  9. I read an old article about soldiers developing gynecomastia because their rifles kept hitting their nipples, so I decided to slap my nipples for like some weeks (I think, don't really remember) and it kinda worked

  10. that was not an answer I was expecting 🤣 odd but awesome for you & I guess I learned something new

  11. honestly the most gender affirming thing i've ever experienced is when i was... messing around with my then partner and he goes "oh my god you sound like such a fucking girl"

  12. Well idk what there's left to say. I think my orientation changed while I'm dating a woman thats pretty much what happened it just makes things weird asf

  13. It is super weird.. Im in the same spot, brain switched to liking dudes and my wife literally has no desire to figure out intimacy with me now that I can't get it up so i feel less and less bisexual by the minute lol. Sucks but life isnt perfect and you gotta do what makes you happy... in my case, that's having a male fwb..

  14. My family lost my neice last year, it wasn't suicide but it was a tragic death and I watched everyone including myself get crushed. I can't do that to them on purpose :(

  15. Tell that to my closet homosexual homophobe step grandfather. Hes gonna freak when he sees me next christmas 😅

  16. my cousin is trying to get photos of the family to make a christmas card for grandma and im like 👀 uhh im ugly

  17. Just saying but I went on your profile and like.. no, you're literally not

  18. i got kinda torn down recently and i just dont feel pretty at all. everywhere i go this last couple weeks my pronouns are assumed male.. trying to christmas shop alone is trans hell. made me realize that outside of my work/home bubble, everyone assumes im male

  19. If anyone is trying to get GRS in Canada, and have got referred to Dr Pierre Brassard in Montreal: I want you to know that I am starting a legal process with MB Health to try to get an alternate referral to Drs. Krista Genoway and Alex Kavanaugh in Vancouver. We are hoping that it will open up a pathway for other out-of-province trans women to get healthcare-covered GRS with their team.

  20. I'm still waiting for HRT (f u [insert one of Canada's Prairie provinces here]) but like, I'm afraid that it won't change anything... and that I won't even look like a woman at all...

  21. It'll work! It seems rare to get no results after a year, but it could even start taking after. I'm living in Manitoba and it took about 5-6months process to get on HRT. It was the best decision.. you'll be gorgeous don't worry OP!

  22. Awww I love the height difference in the pic of her kissing her fiance! reminds me of my shorty

  23. Yea but this is Reddit. We’re all faceless people on the internet not real life. You can say you’re gay on here and we not gonna care

  24. trauma runs deep, you think these guys are gonna ask their boys what they think? they want people online to validate them and tell them they are not gay so they dont have to feel bad about something they are made to feel ashamed of irl. they dont wanna be labeled as gay.. online or anywhere because then its a 'weakness' for them

  25. They want us to tell them they’re not gay after they just said their ultimate fantasy is a guy fucking and cumming in their ass?

  26. I didn't say they aren't delusional , just super desperate to deny that they're gay. for sure wanting to get creampied is hella gay 🤣 people tell themselves that if they just like the sexual gay experience that it's not gay because they dont want to be in relationships with dudes

  27. One time I was waiting in a hallway for a job interview. I became drowsy, and as you may know, this can lead to an erection. I knew it was happening, but couldn't stop it, and there was absolutely no way to hide it.

  28. Protect the friend from watching the complete series box set of Inuyasha that transmascs are known for carrying in their pants at all times

  29. Yes and some of us are crazy, I normally get like 10-20 when I have sex w people :) I do sleep around a bit and I have yet to meet someone as sensitive as me though. Also with some practice I could on testosterone but I could only hit like 3 or so before it hurt or stopped working

  30. ...I'd be lucky to have a single orgasm with a vibrator.. and I don't think I'll ever cum from sex as a bottom. y'all are very lucky 😅

  31. 100% on the relationship part & for me it was because I was pretending to be cis which obviously didn’t work out lol but now that I know i’m trans idk how to approach since most cis women want men or cis women but yeah the more I accept myself as a woman it’s like the more and more I just crave touch from a gentle but assertive man ☹️

  32. idk if you have been with a guy but there's just something about handsome straight guys that unlocked for me after HRT lol. i was never interested in men before but now if a cute dude talks to me im like hffhfhfhhf.. and suddenly i dont get the same with trans women or cis women, kinda like my attraction to women slowly changed from arousal to admiration. on the other hand imagining myself in my crushes lap gives me chills all over.. and getting cuddled by a guy that cares about you is like the ultimate comfort and safety ASMR lol.

  33. I think this is suddenly what’s happening to me. I’m not looking at women the same as of lately, it really feels more like an appreciation sometimes. idk I guess time will tell but if I do have an attraction towards men it’s def the masculine herero type unfortunately and I say unfortunately because those are usually the least compatible with trans girls. hard to find one that’s understanding or not transphobic

  34. sounds like you might really like guys but you're not getting your hopes up :P i hope you find out soon sis. but yeah it's kinda true, trans girls are less dateable sadly.. guys can be confident with you one-on-one but if they're not 100% resolute in their sexuality then they don't want to deal with introducing you to friends/family etc. and it wont matter if you're passable or not. but sex and cuddling? a lot more straight guys would fuck a cute trans girl than you think..

  35. I live in Canada now. but i think these still exist.. Also, Gap definitely exists in Australia afaik in Melbourne Central station last i been.

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