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  1. The game is free, the event is a bit of fun. Get a life you crybabies. It's a child's game what did you expect? I enjoyed just plodding about doing things.

  2. Do dailies, play Creative (gkk has some good exploits), play STW, and do any last easy quests and milestones.

  3. When you got Corey doing the play by play, cus his partner sucks, it’s time to let him go.

  4. Yes its not like every other wrestling promotion ever also does this

  5. That’s because a) snooker clubs are dying. I had a choice of 6 different clubs within reasonable travelling distance 20 years ago but have just one now and b) the rise of internet gaming.

  6. I have to drive to another town if I want to play Snooker. Our club closed down years ago.

  7. If I could just get her for retail I’d be happy

  8. They’ve been selling for way over the original 55.99 price by third party sellers on Amazon. Nothing from Amazon itself. I just checked now though and they had used/like new for 56.60 that said damaged box. I snagged one. First time I had seen that and I’ve been checking daily for a couple weeks.

  9. Okay, i'm starting to believe that this is a whole load of shit and max has either believed it or it's something else entirely .

  10. Yuki having a issue in zandvoort which was convenient for RB strategy. Cameras caught the RB strategist "hannah" smiling so the media conducted a load of nonsense how they orchestrated it which lead to a lot of abuse aim at hannah iirc

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