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  1. Why? Simmons might never play another game. We are getting 2 All Stars.

  2. I’m not 100% sure they would collude. After all only one team can get him

  3. And what happens if after 3 days there isn’t a good offer?

  4. You take the best offer. On a blind bid, people tend to put in that little bit extra to make sure they get it

  5. And if the best offer is Jalen Brown, White and no picks?

  6. I would say the Nets should ask for: Brown, either Smart or Robert Williams, Pritchard, 3 unprotected 1st round picks and 2 swaps.

  7. Celtics only have 1 first round pick available to trade

  8. Running it back isn't going to help the Nets anymore. Especially now.

  9. On paper sure but championships arent won on paper.

  10. It’s Colorado but don’t let them know you think that 😂

  11. There’s no “making this work”, it’s done and he wants out. In saying that the Nets have zero incentive to rush any deal until they get what they want. Like Tim said, the offers aren’t going to get worse.

  12. If all it took was firing Nash than this would’ve been resolved a long time ago. Marks is who he wants gone and that’s not happening. He hasn’t changed his stance since he asked out.

  13. The best interest of the Nets is to keep an All Time great player and fire an incompetent coach and a very replaceable GM.

  14. Marks is a 2nd tier GM. Doesn’t know how to handle stars’ personalities.

  15. Exactly. He is fine rebuilding a team. He has no idea how to build champions. His first mistake was hiring a coach who literally had as much coaching experience as me

  16. The 14 was even better. Which is funny because it basically got no love when it was freely available 4 or 5 years ago.

  17. True. I bought a bottle of bourbon for $150 once and my first thought after trying it was that I could have gotten two bottles of scotch for the same price.

  18. Not Top-12, Russell, Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Bird, Erving, Mj, Hakeem, Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, LeBron, Steph. That's 13 right there who were unquestioned leaders on their championship runs, somebody who could lead a group of men. Then you have guys like Moses Malone, Isiash Thomas, Oscar, Dwade, Garnett, Dirk, Giannis, Kawhi who also lead their teams to success. KD is somewhere in that 2nd group despite joining a 73 win team beacuse his talent is undeniable, his heart, competitiveness and intangibles, well..... So he is top-20 all time.

  19. Dr J, 2X ABA Champ, 1X NBA champ. 3X ABA MVP, 1X NBA MVP, Top 5 MVP candidate year in and year out. 9 times 1st team NBA/ABA. He was 33 when he won his chip. He is definitely greater than KD.

  20. History will probably repeat itself, I guess KD will be joining the team that beats him lol since they have the best offer up so far and unless we go to the Daryl Morey route, I don't think we'll be getting any better offers for KD.

  21. To be fair last years Nets team would lose to anyone they faced in the 1st round

  22. KD couldn’t even make his trade request at the right time of the offseason. You want to turn over the franchise’s planning to him? Nah

  23. This franchise didn’t know what a good GM looked like until 2016. You 100% keep good management because they can identify future talent

  24. Tell me how many teams have bad GM’s in 2022? Hardly any. There is so much GM talent right now. They are easily replaced

  25. Last summer the team had no money to offer free agents with 3 max players on the roster. He didn't trade fat Harden until he got a deal that was good for the team and he'll do the same with KD because he's a good gm. I don't know what you're on Seth Curry is good and Ben Simmons will be great.

  26. He had the tax payer MLE last year. Could have used it on a wing instead of Mills.

  27. KD made a Finals and 4 Conference Finals in OKC. What the hell has Nash done as a coach and Marks as a GM?

  28. She didn't win it it battle ... pretty sure Groku is going to end up with it somehow

  29. I don’t get the hate. As far as I can tell the helicopter sabers can’t lift a person off the ground. It simply helps you maintain your elevation, like a glider.

  30. It blows my mind that people are mad at the physics of this in a universe where people can literally move things with their mind.

  31. Did you realize that most are offered in ONE liter bottles? So the prices are a lot less than it would seem if you're thinking 750 ml bottles.

  32. Yes. I did notice that some are 1 liter and some are 700ml. None of them are good buys. The Bowmore 15 is a decent price. But its a lackluster bottle.

  33. I'm not particularly fond of Bowmore. There is a long list of Islay scotch that I'd rather drink. So was just trying to help OP to make a selection. I didn't realize that prices in California are so low. What do you attribute that to?

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