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  1. Why the fuck would the Lakers be giving picks here?

  2. Lebron likes Simmons. He likes shooters like Joe Harris. Plus they need salaries on their books to do a sign and trade in the Summer.

  3. This trade might seem unlikely but the Lakers might get really desperate with Lebron crying foul.

  4. I don't really see any criticism...I see whining about when I should open my bottles, how I should photograph them and so on. He clearly acknowledges we are on the "whiskey porn" sub.. But then claims I'm ...bragging, please

  5. Premiums will go up 40% next renewal. No such thing as a free lunch

  6. AD, Lebron, Rui and a few smaller guaranteed contracts total $100 million.

  7. He found his way there anyways. Kyrie can just leave to the Lakers in the off season

  8. But kyrie would have to take a huge paycut. Lakers won’t have max cap space to pay him

  9. Doesn’t matter. With AD, Lebron, Rui and whoever they get before the trade deadline they will be way over the salary cap. Meaning kyrie has to take a massive pay cut

  10. What is next tier on the complexity but not too far to scare me off? I like this and balvenie, looking for the next education.

  11. I don't think anything; Bourbon/Sherry and European Limousin Oak is simple.

  12. The 12 and 15 are simple and nothing special imo. You gotta go to $400 and the 18 to get decent complexity

  13. Those who voted Suns: you are an absolute idiot. Trading for another nutcase (Crowder) who refuses to play is idiotic

  14. If the team wanted a real shot to win now (not just compete) and build draft capital, the Suns package was the way to go.

  15. How is the Suns deal help us win now? I don’t think you watched CP3 this year. He is washed. Crowder isn’t good. That is why he isn’t starting for the Suns. And we don’t need another guy who is a headcase on the team that has sat out half the season because he couldn’t handle not starting

  16. He manhandled Boston the other night without Booker lol. Even a little declined he still elevated the team as a whole more than Dinwiddie. The Mavs wasn’t a true win now package and now the Nets still don’t even have enough draft capital to flip for a guy like LaVine for instance.

  17. Here is the problem. He has one great game and then 3 poor games. That is what happens when players get old. There are still flashes but they are no longer consistently great. There is a reason the Suns were willing to trade him

  18. If we pulled that off then this fuckery might somehow break even

  19. What is Marks smoking? Even if we didn't need him, he could be shipped out as a valuable expiring to any contender for a pick or apart of a package for a good player.

  20. Salaries would have to match. So Nets would have to give another good player to get him

  21. Good job. Wood is horrible on defense. He doesn’t fit the team.

  22. Cavs won a ring, celtics got theirs… yeah goodluck lmao

  23. They got 17. They won more than the nets. Get a chip please. Or go back to nj

  24. The good thing is both the Cavs and Boston got better after he left.

  25. More like Ben + Thomas + 27’ PHL, 28’ BKN, Best of 29’ BKN or DAL. And that is still a maybe.

  26. 99% neat. I love the flavor of Bourbon. And mixing just hides the flavors. The few times I mix it is to do Bourbon cream. Heavy cream, sugar, Bourbon, vanilla and cinnamon

  27. Never heard of that one but sounds like a pretty tasty sweet treat every now and then - is that shaken?

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