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  1. Christopher Guest is so hilarious. Probably fairly obscure reference, but every dog person really should see that movie.

  2. They look like four little chubby nuts… how old are they? Congrats!

  3. Thanks! They are one week old.

  4. What is the big buck second from the left?

  5. It is a Buffalo Brand from Solingen.

  6. i always love the look of a nice buck knife (partially cause i’m a scream fanatic) is that the 119 or 120 all the way to the left?

  7. That’s sweet! First knife and it looks pretty professional already. Congrats!

  8. Nice job, not even for a first time! What’s next?

  9. I will probably try refining the same design a bit. I want to do several similar before trying something else, but with beech and maple handles. I also have some PGK and 80crv-2 that I might work with but will have to send out for heat treating, at least with the PGK.

  10. Same here. Always a bit nervous of warping during heat treat because I do most of my grinding pre heat. Just make sure you get an even heat/color and keep it moving in the forge. You can also warm your oil a bit for faster cooling. Btw your knife and handles look awesome!

  11. Thanks for the tips. I really like the liners you did in your knives. I think I might have to go that route too now. I was planning on making a leather sheath, but the material you used for yours looks pretty neat. I'll have to look up how to work that.


  13. Well, I think it would definitely prevent your fingers from slipping.

  14. 2022 Badlands, averaged 8.0 l/100km or 29.4 mpg over the last 10,000 km/6200 miles. Probably about 70/30 highway/city, using mostly normal mode, sometimes sport. All but one fill has been premium fuel.

  15. Oh wow that's a great collection of bayonets. I see japs, swedes, french, uk, german, american, and Im not sure about the rest :D

  16. Thanks. I have a long road ahead researching and looking for more. There are also Australian and Canadian in the mix.

  17. A bit more like partners in crime.

  18. What’s an estimate on value of whole collection? Pretty impressive to say the least.

  19. I'm not totally sure what we have collected and some of the pieces hold a value substantially higher than their bullion price, like the Superman gold coins and there are some really low mintage silver loonies that may fetch 1k each.

  20. Amazing!! What is that Giant Maple Leaf Coin on the left? How about the far right lower corner Asian looking thing? Just great collection.

  21. The large coin is a 2013 Maple Leaf Forever .9999 silver kilogram coin. We have a few of those from different years, but I think that one is the nicest. I think the other one you mean is a 2 ounce .9999 silver 50 cent 1917-2017 coin with gold plating.

  22. Beautiful, man. You wouldn’t be willing to share your DXF file, would you? I’d love to cut one for my garage.

  23. I did it on a waterjet, and sure I'll share the file.

  24. There are several for the 2080ti xtreme. I just got a Phanteks block for mine which I will be installing next week. First custom loop for me. I wonder if you can order the waterblock separately from the waterforce wb card

  25. I can't tell you how confused i am. I also have wallpaper engine btw. But how is the glass like projecting an image...

  26. Sorry. I misunderstood your first question. I took the lcd panel out of a monitor, which, without the backlight reflector and filters is relatively transparent. Then I am using led strips( soon to be upgraded to much brighter) to provide backlighting. I wired the monitor main board into a molex connector to power the lcd and then hook it into gpu as usual.

  27. Wow that's insanely cool. Was it hard to do?

  28. Not really. A couple of hours to do it. A bit more time ahead to get a better contrast by adding some white to my internal components.

  29. I cut the whole centre out of the side panel and made an extension around it with a mount for the psu and and two front intakes with side and rear exhaust. It is functional as I have a GPU rad which exhausts into the chamber and the whole bottom is open with no hard drives or shrouds.

  30. I've always had a preference for Intel vs amd as far as processors and chipsets go. I think I used a q6600 in my first real build, followed by i7 920 then 3770k. I used to be all about amd/ati for graphics though. 4670hd, 5870, crossfire 6970s and crossfire 290x cards until the Pascal gtx1080 came out. Of course before all that it was 80286/386 and my 3dfx voodoo cards.

  31. That's a build! Which monitor are you gonna pair that with?

  32. My main right now is a Philips BDM4065UC 40" 4k. Had it for a few years now.

  33. Hello. I couldn't hear any sound coming from my Apex pro. I believe I have the latest firmware as I've had it about a week and it updated when I installed it.

  34. Lol. When I made it I didnt consider the fan centre. I have to add some lighting there.

  35. I need to do some more work on this to make the rest of the letters more visible. I hadn't really though about the fan center hub when I made the part.

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