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  1. In my mind, I treat Love & Thunder as a parody movie. I understand Chris Hemsworth doesn’t wanna do the same thing every time he plays the character but this definitely wasn’t the way to go. With that being said, there were still parts of the movie I enjoyed.

  2. I absolutely loved this movie. I went in with no expectations which I think more Marvel watchers should do. Going into any movie with really high expectations almost always will leave you disappointed.

  3. H3 did a video on water tok as well. Highly doubt they are all ‘copying’ Kurtis

  4. You liked Quantimania and Dark World more than Age of Ultron?

  5. Ryland loves to dress up and frequently does it on his podcast. I don’t think Shane is forcing him to do it.

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one concerned for these children’s welfare with dads like that 😖 after what happened to their kitten I shudder to think of two babies in their hands

  7. To be fair.. I don’t think the kitten situation is a good representation on why they may be bad parents. I had a German shepherd attack one of my chihuahuas when I was younger and it scared me for life. Shit like that happens.. it sucks.. it’s sad.. sometimes human negligence is involved but I don’t think that correlates to raising a child.

  8. Thank you Star Lord for making Endgame possible

  9. Almost every single ‘we move into a new house that’s actually haunted’ movie.. the family always has a dog and it always dies & it pisses me off.

  10. Notice how no one is saying 2012. They did Cap so dirty with that suit in Avengers

  11. There’s a 4th conjuring movie confirmed with Ed and Lorraine (pretty sure this is their last). Hope they step it up from the last one cause it was not scary at all compared to the first 2.

  12. Also seeing Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Ryan Reynolds in Chris Evans’ new movie Ghosted was like Ep2 of multiverse of madness

  13. In his last apology video he addressed it. Maybe he didn’t talk about it again because the interviewer didn’t ask about it. He was only questioned on the blackface/ racial stereotypes not the other shit

  14. So with reshoots, does that mean everyone who had a scene with her had to come back to redo everything?

  15. Ehh yeah they switched character arcs. Steve started out selfless then became selfish for once. Tony started out selfish then sacrificed himself for the greater good.

  16. Imprinting? Does he think this is Twilight or..

  17. I cried several times through out the movie. I don’t think I’ve cried over any other marvel movie.. maybe infinity war? Idk but that movie broke me but I’m so glad we got a happy ending because I was completely going into this movie thinking Rocket was gonna die with all the press they were doing.

  18. I find it ironic that Trisha breaks ties with Shane and makes video after video about Ryland having Jeffree on his podcast, calling it ‘betrayal’ then months later Trisha goes on Keemstar’s podcast after knowing all the history between him and Ethan and justifies it by saying she did it to keep herself relevant. She’s a hypocrite.

  19. Shane and Ryland took a public stance and chose Jeffrees side and quickly dumped Shane and Trishas 12 year friendship. Trisha had even gotten ordained so she could marry Shane and Ryland. (((((I think that's a lot of why they had a courthouse wedding. Jmo))))).

  20. ‘Business move’ huh? Yeah it seems like everything she does is for ‘business’ or sympathy. Ryland said Trisha blocked them on everything and Trisha agreed with that statement on frenemies so it seems like she ended the friendship not them which is a shame on her part because he sat by her even when she was faking DID, schizophrenia, lying on a dead teachers name, spewing antisemitic rhetoric (among many other things). Trisha is no saint

  21. I actually enjoy it. I blow my man at anytime we can get away with it. Movie theater, at his parents house in the bathroom, in the car, in the morning before he goes to work. But it's not just for him, I get super wet doing it.

  22. Movie theater?! Let other people enjoy the movie damn

  23. Watched it in school, and besides the girls screaming every two seconds it was cool!

  24. 30 days of night is a great gory vampire movie. Probably is the scariest vampire movie out there

  25. I don’t think they’d do a gender reveal over an Instagram story.

  26. I was gonna downvote until I saw the sub. Quality cringe content OP 👍🏼

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