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  1. Not millennia, centuries, the Inca empire lasted from 1438 to 1532.

  2. That is 94 years, so it's decades.

  3. sister: "She won't show my vitriol to my brother because it'll cost his son her aunt"


  5. You don't need hookers if you have yourself.

  6. If you have sex with an exact copy of yourself, is it incest or masturbation?

  7. Every so often the government releases a list of names it has rejected recently. Some of them are pretty funny (and make you very glad we have rules about that sort of thing)

  8. Aside from the obvious disrespect of naming one's child after a Royal title in a Commonwealth country, highlights from the rejected names lists include:

  9. If you name your child after a royal position or a car brand, they will turn out to be a cunt 100% of the time. It's scientific fact.

  10. I had a regular at work whose legal name was Princess, she was really sweet. Never met another though, so I do not have sufficient data to make a statement other than "Only Sith deal in absolutes."

  11. Hey that's not fair, TV Shows also totally butcher video game adaptations.

  12. Monster Hunter, too. Fun movie as a movie, but the movie is supposed to be about Monster Hunter. You can just make a movie set in the game world. The moment you invent dimensional portals to LAX, you already have a means of killing whatever mundane predator flies through it. Don't give me some asspull about how guns won't kill a Rathalos, bowguns with rapid shot already exist ingame. You make the bullets out of fucking nuts, you can't tell the audience the US military doesn't have a lead slug big enough to blow a hole in his ribcage.

  13. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP “Uuhhhhhh it’s telling me to remove my card??”

  14. "Do you know how much money is in my debit card? Can you enter my PIN for me?"

  15. Or breast feeding is the only way a good mom would feed her baby.

  16. My mother's nipples are inverted, she physically couldn't breastfeed no matter how she tried. Three of us on formula (one on soy because he was born lactose intolerant) and we turned out just fine. People will argue til they're blue in the face, but in the meantime, the baby needs nutrition. What a privilege it must be to sit there and judge a mom for making sure her kid doesn't starve to death. Fed is best, and fuck anyone who pushes one method without considering the situation.

  17. Reminds me of the “Nhaama’s Sweet Embrace” quest. Also I remember people theorizing that nhaama and azim being tiamat and bahamut respectively, but I have no clue if that holds up at all

  18. Isn't Nhaama Alexander? Look at the giant statue in the south of the zone, there are a lot of similarities in the silhouettes. There's also the Hotgo tribe origin story where Mide and Dayan emerged from Alexander as children on the Steppe, carrying a shard of the Enigma Codex. The Dotharl later slaughtered the tribe, with the only survivors being those who were away traveling at the time, leaving Mide and Dayan as both the first and last known members thanks to time shenanigans.

  19. Yeah but I wish the disease took his life sadly.

  20. He described his experience to his wife when he was lucid. I wouldn't wish that upon another human being. It broke his heart, it broke her heart, it broke every member of his family to see him disintegrating before their eyes. He made that decision for the sake of everyone around him, like ripping off the band-aid knowing the tissue underneath is already dead. He went out on his own terms while suffering what the doctors called one of the most extreme cases of Lewy Body Dementia they'd ever seen. Would his death have been gentler if he'd lived and suffered in the hell of his own mind and deteriorating body as they failed him, piece by piece? If he'd waited much longer, he would have been trapped like that after losing enough of his mental faculties.

  21. Krieg=war, waffen=weapon, kontrol=control, gesetz=law.

  22. I love how the German solution to "what do I name this new thing" is to just make a giant descriptive compound word.

  23. A friend who was a nurse said the worst thing she'd ever heard was the screams of parents being informed their child had gone.

  24. This is why I don't think pediatrics is for me. Working with children, great... until you realize that those kids are sick or dying, fast or slow, when they should be looking forward to all their lives ahead of them instead. Hats off to those nurses who can work that. I'm not strong enough. I'd rather work long term care, where I'll already know that grief will be a frequent visitor, and clients will already have lived their lives and told their stories.

  25. Also furniture rentals. Sometimes there's multiple of those and mattress firms on the same block.

  26. Socialy awkward during high school, not interested in parties during college, dont go out much as an adult. Basically, I just never really searched for a relationship.

  27. Add "asexual" to this list and that's me. I had a brief 3 months of "dating", but I don't think that even counts. He asked me out but we never had an actual date before he "broke up" with me on MSN Messenger (not even text, wtf?) so... what do you even call that? It's like a seed that you plant and it turns out it's just a dud.

  28. Pause and wait for my mother's inevitable tirade that me being in a warm shower for 10 minutes is "using up all the hot water."

  29. There's a fucking whatnow in the saucer?

  30. They say it's anatomically correct

  31. I'll be honest here, when I got to this line I just automatically gave my screen a mute nod of confirmation.

  32. I switched to keto this January. Struggled mightily to kick carbs, but did it. I went from 337 pounds to 262 pounds when I went on vacation in September.

  33. The jury awarded her the amount of two days' coffee sales, which wound up being about $2 million. The company later settled the case for significantly less than that, got her to sign off that she wouldn't talk about it publicly anymore, and then proceeded to drag her through the mud for the rest of her life.

  34. I feel for that lady what I have to be honest, I would have never settled and I would have never signed that fucking paper. I wonder what her motives were?

  35. iirc, she just wanted the case to be over and done with. All she wanted was her medical bills, the $2 million was punitive because the jury was so pissed at McD's handling of this long-running issue.

  36. There are only two reasons to go to Red Robin ever: to get your free birthday burger once a year, and bottomless fries.

  37. Third reason: When you're comforting a friend and someone really just wants a plate of bacon.

  38. Can you elaborate on this? That’s really interesting

  39. Well, for one there's a whole verse on global warming:

  40. Does that negate the value of the verse in All Star as satirical commentary?

  41. My school never said this, but my parents gave me a version of it: "Stand up to them," and they'll leave you alone.

  42. I bit my bully and he never laid a hand on me again. I was literally half his size; he was three years older than me. He put me in a headlock and started hitting me for giggles. My adrenaline-fuelled five-year-old self sank teeth into his pasty white arm so hard he bruised all the way black. His parents tried to get me kicked out of school because "he's 8, he didn't know what he was doing!" while my parents and the school responded "if that's your excuse, Shryxer's 5 and knows even less." Plus the usual questioning as to how their boy decided it was okay to beat up little girls almost half his age and size.

  43. If this was Minecraft and the other kid was dawdling about building shelter, he deserved what he got.

  44. I dig hobbit holes instead of building structures in early game. I'm already mining coal, the hollow makes a perfectly good starting point for a small base. Square it out and put a door on it.

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