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  1. Just don’t go to work any way, if they can’t schedule around your needs, Fuck Em

  2. The ultimate, if I remember correctly. Subjugates the host alien in the most brutal and inhospitable circumstances for thousands of years until the alien host transform into a much stronger version. For instance, humongasuar becomes armored and now has ranged explosive it can fire from its finger tips, but I think it lost the ability to grow larger. So for orks, Krorks at the minimum.

  3. 6 \ 2(1+2) First parentheses 1+2=3 Next multiple the parentheses by 2 which equal 6 6/6 equal one, how the fuck y’all getting 9?

  4. Not gonna lie actually thought this was an art piece of warhammer and not a diorama until I read the caption

  5. Start with the color of plasma you want. Start at a mildy dark color, then build up with the coil ridge become gradually white on the top, and stretch the white a little bit over the lip of the corner

  6. Put Leman Russ tank sized holes into a poor space marine captain


  8. Hit that bitch with some shade and 👍

  9. It’s percent based, 11% to be exact, raise your FP ding dong

  10. Mate in one move if you move the black rook on the white square to the opposite side of the board

  11. That would be correct, I didn’t pay attention to that

  12. Be sure to trim that mold line on the side of the knee pad

  13. Thank fuck, finally some updates for eldar

  14. I just started painting today. Tried a base first as I've never painted anything

  15. Maybe a lighter green as a highlight on the plasma pistol and a layer of nuln oil on the pistol and other metals to give them some depth

  16. Use some biel tan shade then follow up with some lighter green dry brushes until you hit a very light white dry brush highlight

  17. Jesus fuck that’s a lot of smite damage, be sure to throw in a neurothrope

  18. Great art just one problem, WHERE ARE THE CATACHAN LEVEL MUSCLES AT

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